How To Mute Users From Texting On Discord

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1. How to Mute Someone on Discord so You Can’t Hear Them

2. How do I text mute someone in my discord sever? – Reddit

How do I text mute someone in my discord sever? from discordapp

Mar 14, 2017 — Go into Channel Settings > Permissions. Add the Muted role to the permissions. Then set “Send Messages” permission to a red X. Repeat that for …
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May 18, 2016
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Apr 9, 2017
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Sep 30, 2018
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Dec 19, 2016
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3. How to mute someone on Discord? [3 easy steps] – Remote …

Go to the voice channel in Discord · Right-click on the person’s profile · Find the mute option and tick the checkbox to mute the person.

4. How to Mute Someone on Discord – Online Tech Tips

How to Mute Someone on Discord

Feb 17, 2021 — If you want to mute someone in Discord, it’s simple. If you are in a voice channel with the user, right-click their name and check the Mute box …

5. How can I mute someone on Discord? – Quora

May 10, 2019 — 1. Go to your “Home” page by clicking the Discord logo at the top of your server list on the left. · 2. Right-click the name of anyone in your Friends or Direct …
10 answers  ·  17 votes: If you are in a voice channel: Right click on their name and select mute. For our mobile users …
What does muting do on discord? – Quora
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May 12, 2019
How to server mute someone on Discord if you are …
8 answers
Nov 9, 2020
Is it possible to mute people on Discord so they wouldn …
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Jun 25, 2019
What is ‘Server Mute’ on Discord? – Quora
4 answers
Mar 4, 2021
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6. How to Mute Someone on Discord in 2021 – StreamScheme

How to Mute Someone on Discord in 2022

Nov 3, 2021 — Find the user in your messages whose notifications you want to mute and right-click on their name. … Locate the mute option under their name and …

7. Server-Wide Text Chat Mute / Gag – Discord Support

Aug 21, 2020 — Under the “Voice Permissions” we have `Mute Members`. The same option should be under “Text Permissions”. When I right click on a user, I can …

8. A built in feature to mute server members (in text and voice …

Nov 17, 2020 — Similar to kick and ban, I believe that this is a required feature in all discord servers and users shouldn’t have to rely on bots or adding a …

9. Muting a Member of Your Server – Discord Help

This is a Discord guide that explains how you can mute a user in your … You will then need to disallow the muted role from sending messages in each …

10. How to Mute Someone on Discord – Easy Guide – Stack

Sep 19, 2021 — Muting someone on discord is simple and easy. … direct channel open with someone (a ‘Direct Messages’ channel, that is), you can mute that …

11. How to Mute Members in Discord on Android – wikiHow

Sep 24, 2021 — Voice chats on Discord can be fun, especially when you’re playing a game with a group of people. However, sometimes annoying, obnoxious, …

12. How to mute a discord channel – Linux Hint

How to mute a discord channel

On the other hand, Discord chat notifications keep users up to date on the latest mentions and messages in the channel or server. Even though this is true, …