How to react on discord mobile

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How do you react to a message on Discord mobile?

React to a Message in Discord on Mobile

Tap and hold on the message to reveal message options. In the menu that opens, at the top, select the emoji you’d like to use for your reaction. To access all available emojis, then next to the emoji line at the top, tap the emoji with a “+” (plus) sign icon.

How do you react in Discord?

Helpfully, Discord allows you to do so with the “Reaction” feature. Reactions are just emoji that you can put next to any post. To react to a message with an emoji, hover your mouse over the message you want to react to, then click on the smiley face with a plus icon labelled “Add Reaction” on the far-right side.

Why can’t I do reactions on Discord?

Currently, if somebody has blocked you, you can’t react to their messages at all. I think this should be changed to allow reacting to reactions that have already been placed by other people. Much like how the reaction permission is in servers. You can’t add new ones, but you can add on to ones that already are there.

How do I add Reactions on Discord Iphone?

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  1. Open Discord.
  2. Tap ☰.
  3. Select a server.
  4. Select a channel.
  5. Tap and hold a message.
  6. Tap Add Reaction.
  7. Select an emoji.

How do I respond to Discord Mobile 2022?

Using the search. Field once you find the reaction that you’d like to use tap on it. And it will show up just below the comment. And that is how you react on discord mobile.

How do you react to things?

Taking a moment to breathe and think before you act is a great first step towards changing the way you respond to things. It can also help you separate your feelings from your actions. While you may be feeling incredibly upset or angry, you can recognise that feeling as something you don’t need to act on at all.

How do you reply to Discord on IPAD?

Locate the message you wish to reply to in the Discord app. Hold down on the comment until a list of options appears on the screen. Choose the “Reply” option.

How do you put emojis on Discord mobile?

How to add custom emojis using the mobile app
  1. Open the Discord app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Select the Discord server you want to add the custom emoji to and then tap on the ellipses (three dots) in the top right. …
  3. Tap on Settings or the gear icon. …
  4. In the settings, tap on Emoji. …
  5. Tap the Upload Emoji button.

Why does Discord shake when I try to react?

It’s shaking because you’re trying to add a reaction to a user’s message that’s blocked you!