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How do I get unbanned from a Discord server?

You can unban your Discord account by contacting the Customer Service team or server admin to appeal the ban. Alternatively, you can use a VPN or a different device to regain access – now, NordVPN 60% OFF.

Can I rejoin a Discord server?

Yes, you can rejoin a Discord server at any time if you have been invited or if you have the invite link.

What happens to your Discord server if you get banned?

Ban The user’s account is removed from the server and their account, their IP address and phone number are banned from joining the server, to prevent ban evasion, any accounts that are using the banned user’s IP address and phone number won’t be able to join the server.

Can a Discord ban be reversed?

There is no way to get unbanned on Discord unless the server’s administrator decides to unban the member. So, a banned member will have to request the administrator to unban them, by reaching out to them via direct message and apologising for their actions.

Can Discord admins see IP?

Discord server admins can’t see your IP address. The only ones who can are the people who work at Discord. However, they will never share that information with anyone.

How do I unban myself from a server?

To get unbanned from a Discord server, using a reliable VPN service such as Kape Technologies’ Private Internet Access can get a new IP address in no time. However, it’s worth mentioning that using a VPN means that you’ll share the IP address with others. Thus, you may be assigned an IP address that’s already banned.

Does Discord tell if you screenshot?

But will Discord tell the other people that you took a screenshot? No, Discord has no notification function like that. The easiest way to screenshot is to use PrtScn in Windows or Shift + Command + 4 and select the area on a Mac. Neither method will notify Discord what you have done.

How do I see which servers have been banned from Discord?

How To Tell if You’ve Been Banned From a Discord Server. If you notice that the invites have expired or aren’t working, it is possible that you have been banned. The most reliable way to check whether this is the case is to use another account from a different IP address and see if the link has expired there as well.

Can you leave a Discord server without anyone knowing?

No there isn’t unless the server admin has put a bot there to do it. There’s no point as soon as someone leaves a server they are gone and chat moves on.

How do I bypass Discord ban without VPN?

Here’s how:
  1. Turn off the WiFi on your mobile device and leave cellular data on.
  2. Launch the Discord mobile app on your phone.
  3. Create a new account with a new e-mail address.
  4. Log into Discord with your new account and join the server that you were banned on.
  5. Log out of Discord and turn off your mobile data.

Can you get banned from Discord for being under 13?

is it true your team is now having server owners ban anyone under the age of 13 due to your terms of services? Anyone under the age of 13 cannot use Discord per our Terms of Service. If a server owner is aware and ignores it, we will take action on the server and/or owner.