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1. How to Unban Someone on Discord – Alphr


2. How to Get Unbanned From Discord with VPN | CyberNews


Oct 1, 2021 — You can unban your Discord account by contacting the Customer Service team or server admin to appeal the ban. Alternatively, you can use a VPN …
‎What is Discord? · ‎Why Discord users get banned · ‎How to get unbanned from a…

3. How To Get Around and Bypass a Ban in Discord – Alphr


Jul 16, 2021 — You can make a temporary account and say, “Can you unban [USERNAME HERE]? I got banned for no reason” wait for yes answer. Delete account. Sign …

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4. If my ALT accounts on a Discord Server is banned, can I …


Sep 5, 2020 · 2 answers
Discord bans are supposedly IP bans but from personal experience with one nutjob who made an army of alt accounts to avoid ban punishment.
Do banned Discord accounts get deleted? – Quora
3 answers
Jul 5, 2021
My Discord account was disabled. Does that mean it …
5 answers
Dec 20, 2020
If my Discord account gets banned from Discord itself …
2 answers
May 28, 2020
Do permanently banned Discord accounts get deleted …
1 answer
Apr 28, 2021
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5. How To Ban (or Unban) Someone On Discord – Remote Tools


Go to the server on Discord · From the right panel, right-click on the member you want to ban · Choose the ‘Ban’ option in the menu to ban someone on Discord …

6. How to Get Unbanned From Discord – Pixel Privacy


Oct 14, 2021 — How Do I Ban on Discord? · Launch Discord from the browser or the app and sign in. · Select the server. · Locate the user you want to ban by …

7. MY ACCOUNT BANNED – Discord Support


I will never do again Please remove my ban.

8. How to unban on discord in 2020 on Android, iPhone and PC


Jun 23, 2020 — The ban also applies when creating a new Discord account as you’ll … that Discord is adding or removing from its service and how you can …

9. Ban | Discord Wiki | Fandom


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Permanent Ban: The user is permanently banned from Discord. If the user had a phone number added to their account, their phone number is blacklisted from being …

10. How To Get Unbanned From a Discord Server—Explained


We explain why Discord moderators ban certain accounts from their servers and how … the entangled ways to remove an account suspension, lockout, or ban.

11. Removing Discord Bans


Issuing a ban in Discord doesn’t have to be permanent. This guide details the steps you must follow to remove a ban in Discord, or unban someone.

12. How to Kick or Ban Someone on Discord – groovyPost


Jun 28, 2021 — You have two options to remove users from your Discord server–kicking … Discord bans are IP and account-based and can only be circumvented …

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