How to remove roblox from discord

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How do I stop Roblox from showing on Discord?

Open the Settings menu in Discord by clicking the cog in the bottom left next to your name and avatar. Navigate to the “Game Activity” tab on the left. Deactivate the “Display Currently Running Game As A Status Message” toggle, and Discord will stop sharing your gaming activity. You can now close the Settings screen.

How do I delete a game from Discord?

First, head into the Library tab & right-click on the game you’d like to uninstall. If the game is installed you will see the option to Uninstall. Select Uninstall & our hamsters will take care of the rest! Simple as that!

Does Discord detect Roblox?

But if you haven’t set that up what you need to do is click on the settings gear cog then go to at the bottom here activity status and it says now playing roblox.

Why does Roblox filter Discord?

Discord links were blocked due to safety issues, but soon we will be able to link our servers in the social media sections of games which will allow Roblox to control who can view the links. Roblox blocked the word “Discord” in an attempt to prevent users from sharing links, but as you can tell it doesn’t help.

How do I disable Discord overlay for games?

1. Disable for all the games
  1. Hit the Windows key, type Discord, then click on the first result.
  2. Click the User Settings icon (the gear icon set in the left bottom of the window).
  3. Select Game overlay.
  4. Toggle the switch to disable the Enable in-game overlay option.

How does Discord know what game I’m playing?

Discord has an auto-detect system that looks at what is running on your system and can recognize a bunch of games. For example, if it sees LeagueofLegends.exe running in Windows, it recognizes this as a game file and will populate your status message to “Playing League of Legends.” These are ‘verified’ games.

How do I delete apps from Discord?

Press and hold the app with your finger. Select “Remove App.” Tap “Delete App” on the pop-up menu. Confirm that you want to remove Discord by tapping “Delete.”

How do I remove an app from my activity status on Discord?

And then go to the bottom of the screen next to your username. And select the gear for user settings. In the user settings under app settings find game activity. And select that.

What is Discord on Roblox?

You you can make a custom status such as farts. Water because you know sometimes you got wet farts. And you can enter your avatar id if you want to have a different profile.

How do you put Roblox on Discord?

Add the Game Yourself Through Discord

To do so, simply go to your Discord’s settings and navigate to your Game Activity tab. Click on the ‘add game’ option. Choose Roblox from the list and save the settings. If you want to, you can also choose to show the game that you are playing as your status.

How do you sync Roblox to Discord?

Steps to Add/ connect Roblox to Discord Status:
  1. Step 1: Play Any Roblox Game. …
  2. Step 2: Minimize the Game. …
  3. Step 3: Navigate Toward Discord’s Settings. …
  4. Step 4: Switch on the Activity Status. …
  5. Step 5: Check your Discord Status.

Why does Roblox censor can t?

The reason why Roblox censors just about everything is because it is a game meant for a younger audience. Gaming companies can’t legally market their game to children unless it meets the content requirements to do so.

Can you swear in Roblox voice chat?

News they said can we swear using spatial voice chat on roblox. Short answer yes as long as it’s within moderation.

How do you make Roblox not censored?

Turn off Chat Log into Roblox and click settings. Click Privacy. Under contact settings, change each menu to your desired setting.