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  1. KarasuGamma. 2 years ago. You can hover over the date in question to see the specific time. For second and later messages in a block, hovering over that message shows the message’s time to the left, under the sender’s icon. …
  2. DergTehDergon. 1 year ago. Thank you, Karasu :D.

Can you see timestamps on discord mobile?

On PC you can hover over messages after the first one (message display on cozy) to see their timestamp however on mobile this isn’t possible.

How do I change timestamp in Discord?

Access the native Clock app on your Android smartphone. Hit the three vertical dots to enter the More menu, then choose Settings. Navigate to Clock, set the date and time, and confirm. Restart the Discord app.

How long is a Discord snowflake?

These IDs are guaranteed to be unique across all of Discord, except in some unique scenarios in which child objects share their parent’s ID. Because Snowflake IDs are up to 64 bits in size (e.g. a uint64), they are always returned as strings in the HTTP API to prevent integer overflows in some languages.

How do you use epoch time in Discord?

So you can just put in timestamp. And then choose which state format you want so you have to type like capital d and stuff like that out manually the website will do it for. You.

What is a snowflake Discord?

A Snowflake is essentially a unique ID for a Discord resource which contains a timestamp. Each guild, user, channel, message, emoji and role has its own unique Snowflake ID. You can use the Snowflake ID to search for users and guilds or just show the creation date.

How do you see the time a message was sent on Iphone?

Simply tap and hold any text message then drag it to the left from the edge of the screen. The time stamp will slowly peek in from the side like a shy kitten.

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