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Can you check when a Discord user was last online?

Unlike Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, Discord doesn’t tell you when a person was last online. Although users have been demanding this feature for a while, Discord has remained rather quiet about it — probably because it compromises the privacy of a few users.

Can you tell if someone is appearing offline on Discord?

No you cannot tell if someone is invisible on Discord. This is one of the most requested features on the suggestion forums but so far the company has not given in to those wishes. Personally, I think invisible status should be removed or should be able to be disabled by admins on certain channels.

Does Do Not Disturb on Discord mean they are online?

The ‘Do Not Disturb’ status will tell the other users that you’re online but currently unavailable for any communication. The ‘Invisible’ status means that you’re not currently using the application and so you won’t appear on other online users’ list.

What does the GREY dot mean on Discord?

Gray = Invisible/Offline. Keep in mind that you only get put into idle status when you’ve been away from your device for a while- similar to being moved to an AFK (away from keyboard) voice channel.

How long does it take to appear offline on Discord?

Idle Discord FAQ

This one status takes around 5 to 10 minutes to activate. The idle status on Discord means that a person is online but away from the computer.

Can you see who viewed your Discord profile?

No. It’s not possible to see whose viewing your activity.

How do you know if someone is talking on Discord?


You now need to go down to app settings. And click on overlay. Once you’re in overlay you need to toggle this enable in-game overlay to on. Then you can change your overlay.


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