How to send a video in discord

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Can you send videos on Discord mobile?

The process to send video on Discord Mobile is pretty similar both with iOS and Android, but with just a few minor tweaks. Firstly, you still need to navigate to either the server or inbox where you want to share the video. You can then click the ‘Photo Selector’ button directly to the left of the chatbox.

How do you send a large video on Discord?

You can open the desktop app or navigate to Paste your link where you want to share the large file. Since it’s an embedded post link, the video or large file should appear in the chat as if you posted it directly. If your video is over 60s long, you can try compressing it with HandBrake.

How do you send videos larger than 8MB on Discord?

As stated above, you need to buy a Discord Nitro subscription in order to send videos larger than 8MB.

Why can’t I send videos in Discord?

If you’ve tried to send videos over Discord, you may have discovered that it doesn’t always work. Click on the Plus icon in the message bar to send videos. Before selecting Upload, choose the video you want to share. The video must be in the supported format and the correct size for this to operate.

Why can’t I upload videos to Discord?

If you want to upload a video so that Discord makes it playable within the chat, you have to pick from mp4 or WebM file formats which works for everyone. MOV might not work for everyone and FLAC is only supported on PC and not mobile.

How do I bypass 8MB limit Discord?

The last option to expand your file uploading limit in Discord is to buy the Discord Nitro subscription. It’ll let you share large files, more than 8MB, on Discord. Buying a Discord Nitro premium subscription will unlock your file upload file size to 50-100MB, depending on your subscription package.

How can I send long videos without Nitro?

This video all we have to do is paste this link into the chat. And it’s going to show up as a regular. Video on discord. And it will play automatically.

What is the max file size for Discord?

Discord users who have a free account can only send files of up to eight MB. This limitation doesn’t include GIFs from the Discord textbox, however. If you upload an image, video, or other file format, only the smallest files make it in.

Why does Discord only allow 8MB?

Unfortunately, due to the rapid growth of Discord’s userbase, the maximum file size for uploads has been limited to 8MB. Today, it isn’t uncommon to want to share files larger than 8MB. An image at 4K resolution can easily be above 8MB, with high-resolution video being much larger.

How can I compress a video file?

In the world of digital, smaller is always better.

All you need to do is follow these steps:
  1. Open your Android Device.
  2. Go to the “Application Menu”
  3. Choose the camera icon.
  4. Select the “Resolution” icon.
  5. Choose your new recording format.

How do you compress a video on Discord?

Open google chrome go to the 8mb video compressor website upload the discord video you want to compress. Select the desired. Options click the green button to start compressing.

Can you send video files on Discord?

You can also send video files in Discord, as long as it’s the appropriate file type, and small enough file size. With a basic Discord account you can send files up to 8 MB in size; with a Nitro account, you can send up to 50 MB in file size.

Can you send videos on Discord without Nitro?

This video all we have to do is paste this link into the chat. And it’s going to show up as a regular. Video on discord. And it will play automatically.

How do I send files to Discord mobile?

Sending Files on Discord via Mobile

Open the Discord app and do the following: Enter the server or channel where you want to send the file. If you want to send the file to a particular person, click their name to create a private message. At the left of the message box, you should see two icons: A plus and a gift icon.