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How do you send videos over 8MB on Discord without Nitro?

What you can actually do is open up a web browser. And go to ingo.com. And here what we can do is upload our video to here. So go to new post in the top left hand corner.

How do I send files to Discord without Nitro?

How to Send Large Files on Discord Without Nitro
  1. 1 Uploading to Imgur in a Web Browser.
  2. 2 Uploading to Imgur in the Mobile App.
  3. 3 Compressing with HandBrake on Your Computer.
  4. 4 Sharing a Large File with Google Drive on Mobile.
  5. 5 Sharing a Large File with Google Drive on a Computer.

How do I send large videos on Discord?

And you need to go to a website called imgo.com now on here you can actually upload your video. And then embed it into discord.

How do you send a video on Discord?

How to send videos on Discord Android? Step 1: Launch the app, then register or log in to your account. Step 2: Head on over to the server or friend you’d like to send your video to. Step 3: Click on the ‘image’ icon to open up your gallery.

How do I bypass Discord video limit?

Here are the methods to bypass the Discord file size limit:
  1. Use Third-Party Storage Websites. The most common way to share files is through storage websites, whether large or small. …
  2. Use Imgur for Sharing Media Files. …
  3. Compress Your Files. …
  4. Join Boosted Discord Servers. …
  5. Buy Nitro Subscription.

Why does Discord only allow 8MB?

Unfortunately, due to the rapid growth of Discord’s userbase, the maximum file size for uploads has been limited to 8MB. Today, it isn’t uncommon to want to share files larger than 8MB. An image at 4K resolution can easily be above 8MB, with high-resolution video being much larger.

Why can’t I send videos on Discord?

Your membership tier determines the size of movies you can send. You can only transmit films up to 8 MB if you have a basic account. You’ll need the Nitro account to get around Discord’s 8MB limit. You can share MP4 files up to 50 MB in size with the Nitro membership or 100 MB with the Discord Nitro subscription.

How do I get discord Nitro free trial?

How Can I Get a Discord Nitro Free Trial?
  1. Download the XBOX application, install it and run it.
  2. Launch the application: Sign in with your account or establish a new one with Outlook. …
  3. Get a game pass from the game pass panel.
  4. Join the game pass.
  5. Buy the game pass for $1 and receive free Nitro as a bonus.

How do you send videos larger than 8MB on Discord?

As stated above, you need to buy a Discord Nitro subscription in order to send videos larger than 8MB.

What is the max file size for Discord?

Discord users who have a free account can only send files of up to eight MB. This limitation doesn’t include GIFs from the Discord textbox, however. If you upload an image, video, or other file format, only the smallest files make it in.

How can I send video?

Simply enter any email addresses that you would like to send the video file to once you’ve got that squared away just tap transfer. And the file will begin uploading automatically.

Can you send videos on Discord mobile?

The process to send video on Discord Mobile is pretty similar both with iOS and Android, but with just a few minor tweaks. Firstly, you still need to navigate to either the server or inbox where you want to share the video. You can then click the ‘Photo Selector’ button directly to the left of the chatbox.

How do I share a video on Discord bigger than 8MB?

As stated above, you need to buy a Discord Nitro subscription in order to send videos larger than 8MB. But, do not prepare to swipe yet. There are workarounds that will let you do that for free — compressing the video, for instance. It will reduce the file size, which would allow you to send it without spending money.

How do I upload more than 100mb to Discord?

If you’re using a mobile device, follow these steps instead.
  1. Download a video compressor app from the app store.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Pick a video to compress.
  4. Ensure it’s the proper size before proceeding.
  5. Start the compression.
  6. After it ends, switch to Discord for mobile.
  7. Locate the compressed video.
  8. Upload it to Discord.

How do I send large mp3 files on Discord?

Sending Files On Discord – Windows
  1. Run Discord.
  2. Join a server or go to your friends’ list. …
  3. Now click on any text channel, or open a direct message chat with a friend.
  4. At the bottom of the window, you should see a plus icon right next to the typing space.
  5. Click the icon and select Upload A File.

How do you send a long video on Discord mobile?

So you want to click on the share icon right there which could be different on any phone to be honest. But you want to find the discord icon which for me is showing up right there.