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Use Discord on the PS5 by Sending a Message
  1. Launch PlayStation Party on your console and pick a friend you wish to message.
  2. Send them www.discord.com as a message.
  3. Select and open the link.
  4. When you reach the official Discord website, sign in to your account.
  5. Start chatting with your friends on a voice channel.

Will there be a Discord app on PS5?

While there isn’t an official Discord App yet, we expect to get it by the end of 2022 or the start of 2023 on every PlayStation console. We expect that this official integration includes each fantastic feature that can be found on Discord, such as creating announcement channels or linking Twitch to Discord.

Does PS5 have Discord voice chat?

On January 31 this year, Discord integration with PS5 and PS4 went live in the US. However, the extent of the integration was mainly allowing your Discord friends to see what game you’re playing and giving you the option to show your PSN online ID on your Discord profile.

Can PlayStation talk on Discord?

Yes, you can use Discord on PS4, but you need a PC. Since Discord isn’t officially supported on PS4 yet, you’ll need a PC to play Discord on and a MixAmp to split your audio for both devices. Then you’ll be able to share game audio on the Discord server and chat with friends while gaming.

How do I connect my PlayStation to Discord?

In this example, we’ll be on mobile.
  1. Open Discord app and select your user profile on the bottom of the left panel. …
  2. Select Connections under User Settings. …
  3. Select Add on the top right. …
  4. Select the PlayStation icon under Connection Your Accounts in the pop up window.

When can PlayStation use Discord?

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games – PS5 & PS

To connect a Discord account to a PlayStation Network account, users need to open up Discord and head into User Settings > Connections. On this page, a newly-added PlayStation icon will complete the connection.

How do you voice chat on PS5?

Once you select the headset. Icon. You will now be in the voice chat. Channel now if you select the name of the party. You can switch to the game chat. Then just go to switch to confirm.

What is PlayStation Discord?

Linking your discord and playstation accounts will allow you to share what playstation games you are playing by showing them in your status. As of now this is the only feature of discord.

How do I chat between PS5 and PC?

All you need to do is set the Audio output for your PS5 to the digital or optical out option, and select the MixAmp as the input device and default speakers as the output device for your Discord. Connect a compatible headset to the MixAmp, and you can listen to both your PS5 and PC at the same time.

Why is PS5 so hard?

If you’re wondering why the PS5 is so hard to get for us non-famous folk, in short, it’s because of the pandemic-induced global chip shortage — and an increased demand for entertainment tech for those who were stuck at home for the better part of two years.

Can I download Discord on PS4?

You cannot install Discord on your console just yet. But there’s a way to read your Discord messages on your PlayStation console, along with some tedious workarounds to get voice chat working on PS4 and PS5.

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