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Currently, there is no way to do this. You either have to use “Voice Activity” which is an always on mic, or you have to use “Push to Talk” which does help slightly keep sounds you want private from others hearing, but you always have to remember to press a button or key that you set, and this is exhausting.

What is the Push to Talk key on Discord?

Push-to-Talk (PTT) changes things up a bit, in the sense that Discord doesn’t pass any incoming audio at all unless you press and hold a dedicated “PTT key“.

How do I use Push to Talk?

Here until it says recording. And then you pick the key on your keyboard that you want to use for push to talk so for me i’m using my the number five on my number pad.

How do I use PTT on Discord mobile?

If you wish to change your Push to Talk keys in Discord, this is how you do it.
  1. Open Discord Settings > Voice and Video > Push to Talk (Input Mode).
  2. Under the Shortcut sub-heading, click on the Keyboard icon. This is the Edit Binding button.
  3. Hit the key you want. Once you are done, click on the Stop Recording button.

How do streamers use push to talk?

And then you’re going to select a keybind that you push whenever you want to speak and then you will have to hold down that specific key when you want to speak.

How do you talk in Discord while playing a game?

To enable the overlay, open Discord and click the gear icon in the bottom-left corner (next to your username). In the list of settings, scroll down and click Game Overlay. Toggle on the Enable in-game overlay option.

Do you have to hold Push To Talk?

Let’s assume that push to talk is enabled and working – do you have to HOLD the left-alt all the time you are speaking ? Yes you do.

How do you make a Push to Talk toggle?

Now make sure you choose Push to Talk as the action. Once you’ve got that into place, click on Record Keybind and press the key that you want to use as a Push to Talk toggle. Hit Stop Recording to save your preference. Now go back to Settings > Voice ( Voice & Video).

How do you toggle a Discord mic?

That inside of discord. And setting these up is actually pretty easy you just go into your user settings these are the ones and the little gear here in the lower left hand side of the screen.

How do I disable Push to Talk Discord?

2. Disable this feature in Discord
  1. Hit the Windows key, type Discord, then open the first result.
  2. Click on the Settings (Gear icon) at the bottom of the window.
  3. Navigate again to the Voice & Video tab.
  4. Choose the Voice Activity option to disable Push to Talk.

How do you turn off Push to Talk on Discord?

Open the Notifications tab (in the left side bar), and scroll down to select/deselect “PTT Activate” and “PTT Deactivate” to adjust which noises you do or don’t want to hear.

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