How to setup a welcome bot on discord

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How do I set up welcome screen on Discord?

Open the Discord web or desktop app and sign in to your account. Head to one of the Community Servers you currently own or manage. Click the server’s name on the top left and select Server Settings on the menu. Click “Welcome Screen” under the Community section and select the “Set Up Welcome Screen” button.

How do you code a welcome message Discord bot?

So again right click copy id. And we’re going to say const. Rules channel and we’re going to set it equal to the id that we just grabbed. And then at the end of our message here we’re going to say.

How do you get a welcome bot?

How to set up MEE6 as a welcoming bot on Discord
  1. Click the Welcome option. To create a welcome bot, click the “Welcome” option. …
  2. Select what you want the bot to do. …
  3. You can set what your bot says down to the text color and font, as well as which channel your bot will post in. …
  4. Hit Save when finished.

How do you make MEE6 welcome?

As you can see and in general it’s going to be the little message which discord gives you we’re going to basically make it better so all you need to do for this is just go onto your google.

Which bot is best for welcome message?

Welcomer is a multipurpose discord bot mainly known for the customisation of welcome images. This bot also includes many other features. Welcomer is not just any bot. Its the most popular image welcome bot of them all.

What is the best welcome bot for Discord?

MEE6 – This is the best Discord bot for managing a server. It lets you welcome new users and kick those that violate server rules.

How do you make MEE6 Welcome and goodbye?

Click on the welcome plugin you may need to enable it first using the switch enable the send a message when a user joins the server. Option at the top expand the top drop menu and choose your welcome.

Why is the welcome screen not working Discord?

To enable the Welcome Screen, your server must have enabled the Community Server Settings!

How do I change the welcome message on Discord mobile?

At the bots dashboard here click on welcome enable the first option here called send a message when a user joins the server. You can choose what channel the message gets sent to edit.