How to share audio on discord app

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How do you screen share on Discord Mobile with sound?

Share Screen With Sound

That is when prompted to select a window on the Screen share pop-up, select a screen from the Applications tab rather than Screens. On Android, Discord will automatically share the sound that is playing on your phone. And if your microphone is enabled, you can also talk while sharing the screen.

Can you share your audio on Discord?

Answer: You have to Turn off Screen share first, enable sound mode from the application window, and click on the Share Now Button to share audio on discord screen share.

How do I stream audio on Discord screen share?

Here is how:
  1. 1) Run Discord, and then click the Settings icon.
  2. 2) Click Voice & Video, then Reset Voice Settings.
  3. 3) Click Okay.
  4. 4) Try sharing your screen again to test your issue.
  5. 1) Run Discord.
  6. 2) Click the Settings icon.
  7. 3) Click Audio & Video. …
  8. 4) Click Okay to save the change.

Can you stream on Discord mobile?

Being able to use Discord on mobile devices to share your screen to friends and other members of a voice call can be great when trying to show them some great gameplay or a really funny TikTok you found. Here are instructions on how to stream your phone screen to a discord voice call.

How do you share audio?

So your friend can listen to here’s how in control center tap the airplay audio button tap share audio now bring your friends iPhone close to yours.

How do I play game audio on Discord?

Launch Discord and click on the User Settings icon (Grear icon). Select the Voice & Video from the left pane. Click the drop-down menu under the Output Device section and select your headphones as the OutputDevice. Now, select your microphone as the Input Device.