How to share nintendo switch screen on discord

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How do I screen share my Nintendo Switch to my computer?

On your laptop, open Game Capture HD. Turn your Nintendo Switch console on by pressing the Home button on any connected controller. Connect the USB cable that came with the Elgato HD60 to the capture card and your laptop. After a few seconds, you should see your Nintendo Switch home screen within Game Capture HD.

Can you use Discord on Switch?

Discord is not currently available to download on Nintendo Switch. A few years ago, the founder and CEO of Discord said he would love to bring Discord to Nintendo. In the years since, little appears to have changed to make that happen. And there are probably a host of reasons for this.

How do I stream Switch screens?

Switch to OBS Studio and click on “File.” Next, select “Settings” and “Stream.” Enable Twitch and paste the key in the field. Submit the key, and you should be able to stream now.

Can I screen mirror my Nintendo Switch?

It is not possible to natively cast the Nintendo Switch screen to a TV wirelessly. However, you can use a wireless HDMI kit to send audio/video wirelessly to a TV. Unfortunately, you must provide power for the wireless HDMI transmitter. You can also use a USB C to HDMI adapter to do the same thing.

Can I stream my Switch to my PC?

Connecting Your Nintendo Switch Console to Your Computer

Make sure your Nintendo Switch is in the dock. Find the HDMI cable that runs from it to your TV. Unplug the end connected to your TV and plug it into your Elgato Game Capture HD60 S. Plug the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S’ USB cable into your computer.

How do you screen share a Nintendo Switch without a capture card?

Can You Stream Nintendo Switch Without a Capture Card? Yes, the easiest way to stream your Nintendo Switch to Twitch without using a capture card is by using an Xbox-One. While this is a relatively expensive up-front purchase many gamers already own the highly popular console.

How do I connect my Nintendo Switch Lite to my computer without a capture card?

How to Connect Switch to Laptop Without Capture Card
  1. Dock your Nintendo Switch. …
  2. Use a USB cable to connect the gaming console to the Xbox. …
  3. Your laptop and console must use the same Wi-Fi network. …
  4. You can use an Ethernet cable for better quality.
  5. Launch the Xbox application and select the Xbox console as the option.

How do I use a Nintendo Switch with OBS?

Use Nintendo Switch as Media Source
  1. Right-click anywhere in OBS Studio and select Add > Video Capture Device.
  2. Name this new layer something descriptive. …
  3. From the dropdown menu, find your capture device and select it. …
  4. A box showing the live footage from your Nintendo Switch should appear in OBS Studio.

How much is a capture card?

The first input on the card supports HDR, so you can capture HDR gameplay on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. The card is pricey at around $250, and it’s a PCIe card, so you’ll need a free spot on your computer.