How to show the crown on discord

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Why is my crown gone on Discord?

The server owner’s crown symbol disappears when the owner sorts his roles on the server. The symbol of the crown could still always be visible regardless of roles and role settings.

What does the crown on Discord mean?

In fact, if you make your own Discord server, you’ll see that crown next to your name. That’s because the crown shows who the server owner is. Hover the crown and the tooltip says Server Owner. That’s how you know the icon is legit, rather than just an emoji someone has put on the end of their name.

How do you hide owner Crown Discord?

Toggle “Display role members separately from online members” on. Toggle “Administrator” on. Click on Save Changes. Restart Discord and the crown should be gone!

What is gold in Discord?

As a Premium subscriber, you have access to the golden “Premium Subscriber” role and the exclusive #lounge channel to chat with fellow subscribers or the HearthSim team. If you haven’t already, click the button below and join our Discord server: Join our Discord Server.

How do I add an icon to a Discord role?

How do I set custom role icons?
  1. Open Server Settings > Roles.
  2. Select any role from the list.
  3. Under “Display” – you’ll see a new field called “Role Icon”
  4. Choose from emoji or upload and image. Note: Role icons can be selected from default emoji, custom emoji (from your server), or an uploaded image.
  5. And now you’re done!

How do I add icons to my Discord channel?

Launch Discord and head over to the server you want to tweak. Right-click on a channel or a category and click on Edit Channel/Category. Open unicode’s full emoji list and copy the emoji you’d like to use on your channel or category. After copying, head back to Discord and paste the emoji on the name section.

How much is Discord worth?

Discord valuation
Year Valuation
2017 $1.6 billion
2018 $2 billion
2020 $3.5 billion
2021 $7 billion