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Why doesn’t Discord show what I’m listening to on Spotify?

Firstly, to fix Spotify not showing as status on Discord, you need to make sure that Spotify is linked to Discord via the connection settings. If it’s not linked properly, the “Listening to Spotify” status will not show on your profile.

Does Discord show what you’re listening to on mobile?

So, when you have the Spotify all on mobile, you can’t see what music you’re listening to on the discord app, even though it’s connected and the settings are on. This feature is for Free/Premium and it works for PC, but doesn’t work in spotify mobile because of its different API.

How do I see Spotify activity on Discord?

Now to display spotify on your discord status on a mobile phone such as iphone or android phone all you need to do is open up the discord. App on your phone then open the menu by selecting the three

Where is activity status on Discord 2022?

In the User Settings window, scroll down to the Activity Settings section and click Activity Status. In the Activity Status window (shown below), ensure the toggle switch is checked and enabled. Once the activity status message is enabled, you can add a game or program by clicking the Add it! button.

How do I show Spotify on Discord status Reddit?

Once you linked Spotify to Discord, you got to set the “Display Spotify as your status” on. That done, go to your Spotify’s settings and enable “Device Broadcast Status”.

How do I show what I’m listening to on Spotify on Discord mobile 2022?

You may be asked to log into your spotify account so go ahead and do that and then scroll down make sure you read through the information about what spotify and discord will share with each other.

How do I view my Spotify activity on Discord mobile?

You can do this by clicking on Settings → Device Broadcast Status on the Spotify app on your Android so you can use this feature on your phone as well. Now that you know how to connect your Spotify account, here are a few methods you can try out to fix the ‘Spotify not showing on Discord issue’ issue.

Does Discord show what you are doing?

Discord automatically shows your friends the games you’re playing. If a game uses Discord’s Rich Presence feature, your friends can even see where you are in-game.

Does Discord show Spotify when invisible?

Yep yep! If you’re “invisible,” then only you can see your Spotify (or in-game) status!

How do you show what you’re playing on Discord mobile IOS?

  1. Tap on the three horizontal bars at the top-left corner (or swipe left)
  2. Tap on your avatar at the bottom-right corner to open up User Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Activity Status and tap on it.
  4. Enable the ‘Display current activity as status message’ by toggling it on.

How do you show what you’re listening to on SoundCloud Discord?

To do so, users can head over to SoundCloud, find any song—at least one that won’t embarrass them, as it will show publicly—and let it play. The user’s Discord status should then update to show that they are “playing” the website, SoundCloud.

Why doesn’t Discord show what I’m playing?

Check if the Activity Status is On

Under Activity Settings, click on Activity Privacy. Find the Activity Status and toggle on the option to ‘Display current activity as a status message. ‘ Once done, your friends will be able to see the game you are playing, if detectable.

How do I enable Discord activity?

How do I start an Activity?
  1. Step 1: Join a Voice Channel.
  2. Step 2: Click the Activity Launcher; it looks like a rocket ship.
  3. Step 3: Select the Activity you want to play from the Shelf. …
  4. Step 4 (optional): Get your friends to join the Activity. …
  5. Step 5: have fun.

Does Discord show offline activity?

Yes, you still have full functionality in discord when you are in invisible mode. You will be able to message back and forth with friends and post in servers. The only thing being invisible does is not show you as being online to your friends and servers.

Why won’t Spotify show as my status on Discord mobile IOS?

Why won’t Spotify show as my status on discord? If your Spotify is not linked to Discord properly then Spotify won’t show on Discord. So you need to link it to Discord through settings.

How do I get Spotify status on Discord mobile IOS?

How to connect Spotify to Discord on mobile
  1. Grab your iPhone or Android device and launch the Discord app. …
  2. On the next page, tap on the “Connections” tab. …
  3. In the Connections menu, tap “Add,” which is located in the top-right corner of the screen. …
  4. Tap on the “Spotify” option.

Where is Spotify broadcast status IOS 2022?

Tap the ‘home’ button (bottom-left of your screen) Tap the Settings button (the cog icon — top right of your screen) Tap to allow ‘Device Broadcast Status’ so that it is green (as pictured below).

Can Discord be traced?

Nobody can find your IP address through Discord. Discord masks users’ IP by redirecting their activities through a remote server without unauthorized access. If anyone tries to find a user’s IP, they will find an IP owned by Discord, not the actual user.

Can people see what I am listening to on Spotify?

By default, anyone who follows you on Spotify can see what you’re listening to with Friend Activity. If you don’t want others to know what you’re listening to, you can start a Private Session. Note: Anything you listen to in a Private Session may not influence your music recommendations, e.g. Discover Weekly.

Does Discord show what you are doing on your Iphone?

No, Discord doesn’t give you fair warning about this feature when you first install the program. But you can keep your game habits hidden from your friends, and if Discord is collecting information about the titles you’re playing, it’s not doing anything untoward with that information — for now.

What is overlay on Discord?

Discord’s Game Overlay lets you quickly bring up Discord while playing a game, even if you’re playing in fullscreen mode. Along with showing you any new messages or calls you receive, the overlay also lets you “pin” a chat to the screen so it’ll always be visible while you play.

How do I add Netflix to my Discord status?

List you need to visit the store page here and there’s an absolute ton of these you can have so i’ll go ahead and fire up netflix. As you can see in discord.

How do I turn off activity status on Discord July 2022?

Now that we’re on the activity status screen to completely hide our game activity all we need to do is find a little toggle switch next to display current activity as a status.

How do you show what game you’re playing on Discord 2021?

Once the settings open scroll down in the left sidebar. Until you see activity settings and select activity status.

How do I change my Discord activity status?

To set a new online status using your Android or iPhone:
  1. Launch the Discord app, then from the top left, tap on the hamburger menu to open the channel and server list.
  2. At the bottom-right, tap on your user profile to open the User Settings menu.
  3. Select Set Status.
  4. To update your status, tap on one of the options.