Do you need a solution to solve the Discord screen share lagging problem? If you are frustrated facing this issue again and again, then keep reading till the end of this post. Here, you’ll get a handful of helpful and proven-to-work tricks.

After reading this post, you will understand exactly what factors cause the screen lagging problem in Discord. We will try to cover everything you must know about fixing this lagging issue and prevent it from happening again.

 What Causes Discord Screen Share Lag?

 You might encounter constant screen lagging issues if your internet connection is not reliable and strong. Unwanted cache files of Discord can cause screen-sharing interruptions. Some irrelevant changes in the power setting could also cause screen share lagging.

 Sometimes voice settings of Discord could make you experience general screen lagging. The stream may also lag due to extremely high resolution. Other culprits include outdated Discord firmware, running needless programs, hardware acceleration, and Discord voice settings.

Start Fixing With Easier Solutions

Before implementing a bit of a complicated tip, restarting the device is recommended. Also, check your broadband or wireless connectivity. And when the problem is in Discord, check your server status on the Discord Status page. Close apps that are competing for bandwidth.  

When you try to adjust brightness Mac screen displays, set the resolution to the extent you are supposed to. Reset Discord voice settings by tapping the Settings icon. Hit Voice & Video and click Reset Voice Settings. Hit Okay and test the lagging problem.

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Disable or Enable Hardware Acceleration

 Discord uses a dedicated graphics unit installed on your system using hardware acceleration. Try enabling or disabling it to examine if it fixes Discord screen share lagging. Go to the bottom of the left sidebar and click the Cog icon to launch Settings.

Locate Hardware Acceleration under the Advanced option on the left side. If Hardware Acceleration is enabled, toggle it off. Now, check the issue status. If streaming is lagging, turn it on when it is disabled.

Update Graphics Card Drivers

Graphics cards, either integrated or dedicated, are used by Discord screen share streaming. Hence, try updating graphics drivers to improve video quality and fix the lagging problem. Click the Windows button and then find and open Device Manager.

Tap for expanding Display adapters and right-click on your graphics card. Now, pick the Update driver option. NVIDIA or AMD are dedicated graphics cards and are more powerful. Intel is integrated graphics and is comparatively less powerful.

Remove Discord Cache Files

As already touched above, the number of cache files and cookies on your computer can make Discord screen lag. So, delete the cache files of Discord. Exit Discord and tap the Windows logo and R keys simultaneously to get the Run dialog.

Input %APPDATA%/Discord/Cache and press the Enter key on the keyboard. Now, press the Ctrl and A keys to select all the files. Tap Del or Delete key to remove all the selected files. Now, re-launch Discord.

Update & Reinstall Discord

If an outdated version is a culprit, update Discord. Input %localappdata% in the Run dialog box and tap OK. Click twice on Discord. Tap twice on Update.exe and wait until the process completes. Once the update process is done, launch Discord again.

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If the lagging issue persists, reinstall Discord. Tap the Windows logo key, type control, and tap Control Panel. Hit Category under View and choose ‘Uninstall a program’ under the Programs section. Right-click on Discord and hit Uninstall. Finally, reinstall Discord.

Change Your Power Settings

By default, the power plan is set to Balanced to preserve energy. Hence, sometimes systems will slow down. This might eventually cause a lagging issue. So, change the power settings. Tap the Windows logo key and input control.

Open the Control panel by clicking on it. Tap Large icons under the View by option. Now, choose Power Options and pick High Performance. At last, restart your device and Discord to determine if it fixes the lagging issue.

Use Windows Troubleshooter

 When you can’t get your screen share lagging issue fixed using the above methods, try this trick. Windows feature a built-in troubleshooter for fixing errors you might experience when gaming on Discord. One of them looks for network-associated errors.

That troubleshooter improves the internet connection and speed. Tap the Windows and I keys to launch Windows Settings. Use the search bar to locate Find and fix network problems and select it. Click Next and proceed with the steps instructed.


Using Discord’s screen share, you can display to your followers how something is performed. The entire experience gets affected badly when the lagging issue happens during live Discord streaming.

Before you get first-hand experience in fixing the issue, discover the possible cause. Try every method described above and check if lagging continues. You may also try disabling Vsync and QoS Packet.   

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