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It before you actually send it to the discord checks channel go ahead and long press the image. Once you do that a new menu will open up at the bottom where as you can see you can mark as spoiler.

Can you spoiler images on Discord mobile Apple?

So go ahead and open that up and then find the image that you want to actually post as a spoiler image once you find the image we need to rename it so on an iphone you simply long press the image.

Can you hide images on Discord mobile?

Select the “Mark as Spoiler” checkbox to hide the image or file after it’s sent, and then click “Upload.” After it’s sent, the image or file will appear in Discord behind spoiler tags. You can tap “Spoiler” to disregard the spoiler view and inspect the file.

How do you send a picture as a spoiler on Discord?

Spoiler an Image in Discord for Mobile
  1. Upload an image in the message composition field.
  2. Before sending, on mobile tap the image and enable “Mark as Spoiler.” On desktop, click the eye icon.
  3. Enter any text you want sent with the image, then send it.

How do you mark a spoiler on Discord?

However, you can use spoiler tags in the same way on your Discord web, Mac OS, or Android application.
  1. To use the spoiler tag on Discord, write out “/spoiler” and type your message in the chat bar. …
  2. For demonstration, we added the “/spoiler” tag with the “This is a secret message” text:

How do you mark a spoiler on Iphone?

On iOS specifically, you can mark text as spoilers by selecting the text in the text box and tapping it to open the context menu. Once you have the text selected, you can tap Mark as Spoiler to wrap the selected text in bars.

How do I disable photo perms in discord?

So if you want to prevent this user from sending images in this server the first thing that we need to do is go into server settings. And then we go to roles. And under everyone we want to scroll.

How do you hide your avatar on discord?

Or in an app then go down to the bottom and select the gear to open up the user settings in discord once you’re in the user settings make sure you’re on my account.

How do I remove a link preview in discord?

Tap the hamburger icon on the upper-left corner of your screen to open the navigation menu. At the bottom-right of the page, tap your profile icon to access User Settings. Scroll down and select Text & Images under the App Settings section. Near the bottom of the page, disable the link preview option.

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