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How do I stream audio and Video on Discord?

Here is how:
  1. 1) Run Discord, and then click the Settings icon.
  2. 2) Click Voice & Video, then Reset Voice Settings.
  3. 3) Click Okay.
  4. 4) Try sharing your screen again to test your issue.
  5. 1) Run Discord.
  6. 2) Click the Settings icon.
  7. 3) Click Audio & Video. …
  8. 4) Click Okay to save the change.

Can you do live Video on Discord?

If you select Screens and choose a screen to share, you can stream a game but Discord will not stream the game audio. Verify the voice channel, resolution, and frames per second, and click Go Live. If you are successful, your stream will appear in a small window inside Discord.

How do I stream video on Discord mobile?

Click the General voice channel to establish a voice connection with Discord. In the lower-left corner of the app, the Voice Connected entry will appear. To start a video call, click the Video button. To share your screen, click the Screen button.

Why can’t I screen share on Discord?

Discord currently doesn’t support the full-screen sharing of applications. Users can only share screens that display as a separate window. Hence, check if the game you’re running is in full-screen mode. If it is, switch to a windowed mode, and re-share your screen on Discord.

How do I share screen Astro on Discord?

If you want to share your screen with Go Live to everyone else in the Discord server:
  1. Join a. voice channel in your server.
  2. Press the. …
  3. Select an individual application window to share, or select an entire screen to share.
  4. Press the “Go Live” button at the bottom of the window when you are ready to share your stream.

How do I use OBS with Discord?

Open Discord, enter a channel and go to the options. Choose OBS VirtualCam as your main webcam in Discord > Settings > Audio & Video. Start your stream!

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