How to turn discord christmas sounds off

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Why is my Discord making Christmas noises?

Discord has made the ear-splitting festive notifications and ringtone optional after users voiced plenty of dislike over the sounds. As a part of what Discord is calling “snowsgiving”, every single sound in the Discord app was briefly changed to give the service a more festive feel.

How do I turn off Discord sounds?

Go to Discord Application. Open the Settings section from the bottom left (there will be a gear icon) on the Desktop. Go to the notifications options in the menu. Toggle off the unnecessary notification sounds, and you are good to go.

How do I turn off winter Discord sounds?

Once you activate the Snowsgiving sound pack, you have the option to turn off individual sound effects in this pack. To do this, scroll down to view the list of sound effects in the “Sounds” section and click the green toggle to the right of any sound effect you want to turn off.

What is the beeping sound on Discord?

Discord keeps beeping because people are either messaging each other in a server that you are a part of, someone has mentioned you in a server with an “@mention”, or you are being notified of a new event taking place in a server you are a part of.

Can you change Discord notification sound?

Unfortunately, if you are intent on using Discord on your phone, there is absolutely no way to change the notification sound. We are sure that this will eventually be possible, but as of the time of writing it just isn’t a reality yet. The same is also true if you prefer to use Discord through your browser.

What is Discord Snowsgiving?

Once a year, the Discord community comes together to celebrate together in a single server through the holiday spirit. We make new friends, entered in contests and giveaways, and give back to the world by supporting charitable organizations to make the world a better place.

How do I change Discord sounds to Lil Yachty?

Head into your User Settings – just press the cog icon in the bottom left corner of the app. Then click on Notification in the left side bar. Scroll down until you see the Sound Pack menu. Last but not least, select your sound pack of choice in the drop-down menu!