How to turn off hardware acceleration discord

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How do I disable hardware acceleration?

How to Disable Hardware Acceleration Discord
  1. Go to Settings by clicking the gear icon next to your username.
  2. Under App Settings select Appearance.
  3. Under Appearance Settings, scroll down and click Hardware Acceleration to disable it.

How do I disable hardware acceleration in Discord 2022?

1. Disable hardware acceleration
  1. Open the Discord app. …
  2. In the menu on the left, select Voice & Video. …
  3. Then you’ll need to disable hardware acceleration from the advanced settings: …
  4. In the pop-up window, click Okay to confirm the changes and the app will be automatically restarted.

How do I disable hardware acceleration on Discord mobile?

You can find this listed under the “App Settings” category. In the “Appearance” menu, you can change various display settings, including Discord’s theme, message layout, and accessibility options. Under the “Advanced” section, click the slider next to the “Hardware Acceleration” option to enable or disable it.

Should I turn off hardware acceleration Discord?

Also, turning on hardware acceleration for Discord will slow down other applications. In that way, when you are playing a game, such as CS: GO, you’d better disable hardware acceleration Discord.

Is hardware acceleration good for gaming?

When you have a powerful, stable GPU, enabling hardware acceleration will allow you to utilize it to its full extent in all supported applications, not just your games. In Chrome, GPU hardware acceleration typically allows much smoother browsing and media consumption.

Why is my Discord CPU usage so high?

Our presented problem might occur because Discord is a VoIP (voice over Internet protocol), instant messaging, and digital distribution platform. Therefore, when Discord is working, it requires more hardware resources including the power of the central processing unit (CPU).

How do I make my Discord lighter?

Head down to voice and video inside of this section proceed down to the advanced. Section underneath video codec if you do have quite a capable gpu.

Why is my CPU utilization so high?

If you find that high CPU usage persists—even in support of standard processes—you may simply need a faster computer. You can also reduce CPU load by adding more RAM, which allows your computer to store more application data.

Should I turn on hardware acceleration?

Unless you’re facing an issue that you know is because of hardware acceleration, you shouldn’t turn off hardware acceleration. It’ll generally do more good than harm, but when you see it is causing you more harm instead, that’s when you should turn it off for that one specific app.

How do I stop Discord from using my GPU?

Once in the user settings scroll down under app settings. And select advanced in the left sidebar. And now the second option down should be hardware acceleration.