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How do you turn on music in Discord server?

Tap “Plugins” and press “Music.” If this function was previously disabled, tap on “Add.” Launch Discord and join a voice channel. Type “!search” and enter the song or artist. The bot will list the results.

How do you mute everyone in Discord music channel?

Right click the name and click on the Server Mute checkmark. This will mute everyone.

How do you mute a music bot on Discord?

for Mac and PC, or the mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.

How to mute someone on Discord
  1. Join the voice channel that the person you want to mute is in.
  2. Right-click or tap on their username to open a menu.
  3. Select the “Mute” option.

What is the command to Play Music on Discord?

Open the general text channel on the current server. Type “/play” on the text chat window, add the name of the music you want to play (you can include the artist as well), and press Enter.

How do I mute a channel on my server?

Discord: How to Mute Channels in a Server
  1. Step 1: While viewing a channel in the Discord app, tap the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. Step 2: Tap and hold on the channel you wish to mute.
  3. Step 3: Tap “Mute Channel.”

How do I suppress a voice channel in Discord?

Right-click the channel name and select Edit Channel. From the menu on the left, select the Permissions tab. In the window to the right, scroll to the Voice Permissions section and click the green checkmark to the right of Mute Members to mute the channel, or to the right of Deafen Members to deafen the channel.

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