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How do I change Push to Talk on Discord?

Open the settings menu by clicking the gear icon on the bottom left of the Discord interface. Under App Settings, click Voice & Video. Under Input Mode, check the box next to Push to Talk.

Why can I only use Push to Talk on Discord?

The Discord Push to Talk no working problem might occur due to corrupted audio drivers on your computer. The error might also come up because of inconsistent in-app settings, so checking the Voice and Video settings in Discord can help fix the issue. Incorrect keybind settings can also cause this problem.

What is the button for Push to Talk on Discord?

C and V. The V button is the best push to talk key for people who don’t like the side buttons when aiming. Located just above the spacebar, C and V are great options for push to talk, easily reachable with your left thumb and low interference with other software.

Do you have to hold Push to Talk?

Let’s assume that push to talk is enabled and working – do you have to HOLD the left-alt all the time you are speaking ? Yes you do.

Is Discord always listening?

As Discord is a centralized communication platform, all communications have to go through Discord’s official servers, where all of that information can potentially be recorded. The vast majority of said information has been confirmed to be recorded, such as all communications between users.

How do you talk in Discord while playing a game?

To enable the overlay, open Discord and click the gear icon in the bottom-left corner (next to your username). In the list of settings, scroll down and click Game Overlay. Toggle on the Enable in-game overlay option.

How do I enable Push to Talk on Discord mobile?

In the App Settings category, click on the Voice & Video option. Under the Input mode section, you’ll see the two ways of inputting audio through discord. Click on Push to Talk.

How do I reset Discord settings?

The only way to “restart” a Discord server is to delete it and create a new one. This wipes the slate clean, removing your channels, messages, and server users.

How does Push to Talk work?

Push-to-talk works by enabling a person to push a button on a handheld device and instantly transmit messages to one or many people at once. Users press and hold the button to talk, then let go to listen.

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