How to update discord

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How do I update Discord on my PC?

To do so, on Windows, open the “Start” menu, search for “Discord”, and click the app. On Mac, open Spotlight by pressing Command+Spacebar, type “Discord”, and select the app in the search results. When Discord opens, it will automatically check for new updates.

Does Discord update automatically?

Honestly, Discord is such a great app. And this greatness is becoming diminished by the fact that Discord just DOES. It updates whenever it wants, very frequently.

What is the latest Discord version?

Discord is one of the leading free chat apps that allow users to connect through multiple platforms, such as Twitch, XBOX, and Steam.

Discord Download for Free – 2022 Latest Version.
Version: 0.0.309
Total Downloads: 2,084,820
Category: Communication Tool, Social Media


Why is Discord not updating?

A simple solution to the Discord Update Failed error could be simply running the application with administrative permissions. This allows the updater to make changes on your device, therefore download and install the new Discord update. Please note that for this, your local account must be an administrator.

How do I force Discord to update?

Thankfully, the Discord team has added a dedicated button that forces the application to update! You can find the button in the top right corner, to the right of the search bar. What is this? When you press it, the application will immediately close and relaunch itself, forcing the update.

How do I fix Discord not updating?

How to Fix it When a Discord Update Fails
  1. Check to make sure you’re on the internet. …
  2. Check to see if Discord is down. …
  3. Try a different device. …
  4. Run Discord as administrator. …
  5. Temporarily disable your antivirus. …
  6. Temporarily disable your firewall. …
  7. Rename the Discord update file. …
  8. Reinstall Discord.