How to use discord and switch at the same time

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Can you link Discord and Nintendo?

Since there is no app for Discord on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll need a computer to get your Switch screen to stream then play the display screen in a window (using VLC or any other video player) so Discord will show it.

How do I switch computer and sound at the same time?

plug your speakers into the 3.5mm line out port on your pc (so your pc audio will play from speakers). then plug your monitor (or switch headphone jack) into the line IN port on your pc. next, go to your pc sound settings, then the sound control panel.

Will Discord come to switch?

While there have been a lot of gamers asking for Discord to be made available on Switch, at the moment this looks like a non-starter. Discord is not currently available to download on Nintendo Switch. A few years ago, the founder and CEO of Discord said he would love to bring Discord to Nintendo.

How do I stream console games on Discord?

When you’re in-game, Discord will display the game title in the Go Live panel. From there, just click on the Stream icon to start the stream and choose the voice channel to connect to. Sometimes, Discord won’t be able to detect the game you’re playing, and the button won’t be present.

How can I hear my Switch audio while streaming?

And turn on monitor. And output. So what this does is basically it makes it so you can hear yourself and your game in your headphones. And the stream will be able to hear it no problem at all that.

How do I connect my Nintendo Switch to my computer?

On your laptop or computer, open the Game Capture HD app. Turn on the Nintendo Switch and press Home on one of the controllers. Connect your laptop with an Egato device. Now, you’ll be able to see the Nintendo Switch home screen on the screen of your device.

Can I play Switch through my PC?

If you’d like to display your Switch on your laptop, you’re going to need an HDMI input port on your computer. Unfortunately, only a few laptops have an HDMI input port readily available. Do not confuse the HDMI port on your laptop as the HDMI in, it’s probably the output port.