How to use spoilers in discord

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How do you do the spoiler on discord?

However, you can use spoiler tags in the same way on your Discord web, Mac OS, or Android application.
  1. To use the spoiler tag on Discord, write out “/spoiler” and type your message in the chat bar. …
  2. For demonstration, we added the “/spoiler” tag with the “This is a secret message” text:

How do you mark as spoiler on discord mobile?

Spoilering an Image on Discord Mobile
  1. Tap on the + button in the text window. …
  2. Select the image you would like to spoiler. …
  3. Tap and hold the selected image. …
  4. Tap on the Mark as spoiler checkbox. …
  5. Verify the spoiler image. …
  6. Send the spoiler image.

How do you use a spoiler tag?

Spoiler tags allow you to write text that some users may not want to see and hide until the reader chooses to see it. Spoiler tags are just like editing HTML in your comment. Just wrap the new <spoiler></spoiler> tag around any text in your comment, and that’s it!

How do you hide words on Discord?

Click the hide icon which looks like an eyeball the menu will disappear. And you’ll now see two straight pipes displayed on each side of the text you want to hide.

How do you make a spoiler in text?

Specific uh thing that we’re talking about so in order to do this for text what you’re going to want to do is go ahead and start typing a message and go ahead and do the backslash.

How do you do a spoiler on messenger?

You can select more words if you want at the time your selection the built-in formatting menu will appear simply tap spoiler to apply the formatting to the selected. Phrase.

How do you do spoiler text on fandom?

To mark the spoiler area on your page, wrap that area in <div id=”SpoilerAlert”> inside the source editor. An example of this can be found inside the demo’s source code.

How do you post spoilers on Facebook?

Go to your Facebook page where you are posting your spoiler. Post your Spoiler Alert graphic first (this will keep any information from your URL showing up on the post). Now post your shortened URL, with a brief description of what the spoiler is with out giving anything away.