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Can you watch someone stream on Discord mobile?

If you have a friend who starts streaming while you’re connected to voice, you’ll see an option pop up to watch their stream. Once you press this “Join/Watch Stream” button, you’ll be able to directly watch your friend’s stream!

How do I watch Discord streaming full screen on my phone?

To make Discord video full screen, enter a discord user’s chat room and click Toggle Full Screen. The Toggle Full Screen is located at the bottom right portion of the video. If multiple people are streaming in the chat room, click one video you wish to focus on, and click Toggle Full Screen.

How do I watch Discord streams?

How to Watch a Discord Stream. If someone is streaming in Discord, you’ll see a red “Live” icon next to their name in the voice channel. To watch their Discord stream, hover your mouse over their name and click “Join Stream”.

Why can’t I watch a Discord stream?

Check Your Internet Connection. The Discord streams not loading issue could simply be a connection problem. If you haven’t checked out your network status to see if there’s anything that went wrong, you can do this by opening another application that requires Internet access to function.

Why can’t I see Discord streams on my phone?

1. Restart. If you haven’t restarted your computer or phone in a while, start by restarting it. Many times, restarting the device fixes any temporary issue that could be causing the screen share not working issue on Discord.

How do I stream Discord mobile iOS?

How to Stream on Discord from an iPhone
  1. Open the Discord mobile app on your iPhone.
  2. From the menu to the left, tap the + icon.
  3. Tap Create a server.
  4. Enter the server name and the image that you would like to use for the server’s icon then tap Create Server.
  5. Now the app will ask you to invite friends to join your server.

How do I change my stream settings on Discord mobile?

You can also change your screen settings on Discord by hovering over the small window of what you are streaming that sits over your Discord chat, clicking the settings cog, and choosing the “Stream Quality” option.

How do I watch Netflix on Discord iOS?

Part 2. How to Stream on Discord on Android & iOS devices.
  1. Get into the Netflix application on your iOS/Android device and choose the Movie/Show to stream.
  2. Now, open the Discord application and select a Voice Channel.
  3. Click on the Share Screen icon and voila!… your Netflix stream is live.

How do I watch Netflix Discord?

How to Stream Netflix on Discord on Android. Streaming Netflix through the Discord app on your Android phone is not possible, but you can always use it to make voice and video calls. Once you install Discord on your phone, you’ll have to log in or create a new account to talk to your friends.

How do I make Discord full screen?

The fullscreen mode was made to make Discord more intuitive and captivating. You can easily enable fullscreen mode in Discord by the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl + Shift + F.

How do I make my screen bigger on Discord?

Size you simply need to press the ctrl. Key and 0 key.

How do I fix Discord full screen?

8 Ways to Fix Discord Stuck on Full Screen
  1. Use Shortcuts Keys To Exit Full Screen.
  2. Use Shortcuts Key To Minimize.
  3. Using Startup Settings.
  4. Force Quit Application and Restart.
  5. Reinstall the Discord App.
  6. Use the Web Version.
  7. Contact Discord Support.

How do I stream full screen with Discord audio?

Answer: You have to Turn off Screen share first, enable sound mode from the application window, and click on the Share Now Button to share audio on discord screen share.

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