How to zoom on discord

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How do you zoom in on Discord icon?

First open the Discord website on your favorite browser. 2. Then, hold the Ctrl key and press + icon to zoom in or the – icon to zoom out. The browser will indicate changes with a small pop-up near the address bar to display the current zoom level in percentage.

How do I resize Discord?

Key hold it and tap on the minus. Key as many time you press the minus key the screen will go smaller smaller and more smaller.

How do I zoom out?

Press and hold the Ctrl key and press the – (minus) key or + (plus) key to zoom out or in of a web page or document. The – and + keys next to the backspace key, and on the numeric keypad, can be used.

Why is my Discord screen zoomed in?

My Discord is Zoomed in / Out!

To reset zoom to the default settings, simply hold the Ctrl key and then press the number 0 . What is this? Open Discord on your computer or navigate to the Discord web app in your browser. Hold down the Ctrl on your keyboard and press 0 .

How do I open mini Discord?

Before opening your game, go into Discord and click on the User Settings. This is a small gear icon located at the bottom of the window, next to your username. Under the App Settings, click on the Overlay option. Toggle Enable In-Game Overlay to on by clicking the slider.

Why does my Discord look weird?

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

The first solution we’ll be trying is the one that has worked for most people who have had the issue of Pixelated/Blurry text on Discord. A lot of people have fixed the issue by turning off Hardware Acceleration in Discord.

How do you find someone’s PFP on Discord?

2. Saving Profile Picture by Using the Discord Bot
  1. Open your discord by double-clicking the shortcut or searching it through the Windows search feature. …
  2. Now go to the text channel and type the command with the username of that specific user as shown in the screenshot. …
  3. It will bring up the user’s profile picture.

How do I make Discord stream full screen?

To make Discord full screen press Ctrl + Shift + F on your keyboard if you’re on PC or press Command + Shift + F on your keyboard if you are on Mac. If you are using Discord through your web browser then press F11 on PC or Control + Command + F if you are on Mac to activate full screen.