I’m Online But Discord Pings Arent Going Through

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Discord pings on mobile aren’t showing up unless you click the server. from discordapp

Jul 20, 2019 — Discord pings on mobile aren’t showing up unless you click the server. Does anyone know how to fix this.
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2. Fix: Discord Notifications not Working – Appuals.com

Fix: Discord Notifications not Working

May 28, 2021 — Solution 1: Change Your Discord Status to Online. You may not receive notifications in the Discord application if your Discord status is not set …

3. Discord mobile notifications not working: Here’s how to fix it


Jan 18, 2021 — Discord Mobile Notifications Not Working. First Step is to try changing your Discord status to Online. Receiving notifications doesn’t work in …

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Several users on a discord server I admin have reported that they receive no push notifications from channels where they have set notification frequency to …

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So I’m in a few servers that act as communication between an alliance/guild in a game, and sometimes I get pinged purely cause the poster wants to send out …

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We can choose on which server we are online but invisible on other. Imagine I am on a server but I want to leave them to devote myself to…

7. Invisible Status Mutes the Notifications Your Friends Recieve


Mar 24, 2019 — This website is specifically for new feature suggestions to add to Discord. As such, I’m closing out this ticket as invalid.

8. 4 Ways To Fix Discord Not Updating Messages – West Games

4 Ways To Fix Discord Not Updating Messages

Dec 8, 2020 — Discord usually doesn’t provide many problems, but that doesn’t mean … you can simply go online and talk to other people regarding the …
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9. On Discord when I go off of Do Not Disturb I keep getting a …


Aug 6, 2020 — Yeah they can change their notification settings, but some choose to just go on dnd. You can still message/ping them. They’re not trying to tell people not to …
3 answers  ·  2 votes: I’ve seen a lot of people recommend muting servers, I consider this a bad practice. Rather …
If someone is under “Do not disturb” on Discord …
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10. Discord Notifications Not Working? Easy fixes for desktop and …


Check Discord Server and Channel Notification settings if notifications are not working. Your server or channel settings may be set to mute certain …
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11. How To Disable @everyone in Discord – Alphr


9 steps
Make sure to select the channel you want the @everyone mention disabled from only. It must also be a read-only channel as @everyone isn’t available to voice …
Click on ‘Edit Channel.’
From the menu of the left, navigate to the “Permissions” tab.

12. 7 Ways to Fix Discord Notifications Not Working Windows 10


Aug 26, 2021 — However, some users report that Discord is not sending notifications and they can’t hear Discord notification sounds even if they have all …