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1. Anyway for something bad to happen by joining random …

Anyway for something bad to happen by joining random servers? from discordapp

Jun 6, 2016 — Joining any server through an instant invite is safe. Just make sure the instant invite is on the domain “discord.gg” or “discordapp.com” – …
Be careful what discord servers you join, I just lost my 2 year’s …
Jul 20, 2019
Can joining a discord server potentially be dangerous? – Reddit
Jan 4, 2021
is there any risk to joining a random discord server? – Reddit
Mar 20, 2020
Discord joining random servers : r/discordapp – Reddit
Apr 29, 2017
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2. Are Discord server invites safe? – Quora


Dec 16, 2020 — Yes, it’s possible to join a server without an invite. You know when you add a bot, you get something like this?
1 answer  ·  0 votes: It depends on the server, some servers contain hackers or spam bots. Spam bots usually spam …
Discord Enthusiast and Bot Programmer – Quora
Oct 10, 2018
How do I join a server on a discord without an invitation? – Quora
Mar 28, 2018
How can I add random friends to Discord? – Quora
Dec 15, 2018
I got a random friend request on Discord from someone I’ve …
Feb 29, 2020
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3. Can joining a discord server be dangerous?

Can joining a discord server be dangerous?

No, Discord does not give others your location. Several users have complained that another user does know their location so it’s worth mentioning that while …

4. Someone keeps joining me to random servers – Discord Support


Sep 15, 2020 — So here I was minding my own business thinking I could only join servers I wanted to join, BUT NO! someone randomly joined me to a random…

5. randomly joining servers – Discord Support


Nov 19, 2020 — this past week im being put into random discord servers and recently today i got put in a random server i never heard of or clicked and…

6. Is it bad to accept random friend requests discord?


Can I join a discord call without anyone knowing? — You’re safe. All communications in discord are IP protected, so no worries there. Contrary to …

7. How To Join Random Discord Servers – My How To Online

How to Join Random Discord Servers

Dec 6, 2020 — Joining random private servers · In the upper-left part of the Discord window, press the plus icon. · Here, press the green Join a Server button.

8. Browse Public Random Discord Servers


hello ? enjoy talking to random people and randomly playing bots games and making up friends just join and just start randomly talking and have fun…

9. Random discord servers


This is just a random server you put at the bottom of the server list. If you want to come in and do stuff, you’re free to do it. Join.

10. Discord servers tagged with Random | DISBOARD


This server is chaos, so if you enter don’t expect an organized, safe environment, but for all the others this is just a messy chatting server. We hope you join …

11. How to Find the Best Discord Servers Worth Joining


Sep 25, 2021 — Click on a category name to be taken to a list of the top Discord servers in that category. Selecting a random server is also an option. For …

12. Discord Me: Public Discord Servers and Bots️


Join servers that share your interests, hang out, and make new friends. … only for Discord Me, and not for the Discord app itself. Join Now. Random.

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