Mic Opens When Someone Else Talks On Discord

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1. Microphone activates when someone speaks : r/discordapp

Microphone activates when someone speaks from discordapp

Jan 22, 2018 — Discord picks up any other sound from my computer (voices, videos, music etc) when I lower all the volumes and go to voice settings, the …
My mic picks up someone else’s signal / audible background …
Jan 20, 2020
Small comms tip for people who are on open mic in Discord …
Dec 31, 2018
Is it possible to mute my microphone when someone else is …
Dec 28, 2016
My friend’s mic output volume gets quieter when I talk in Discord
Oct 10, 2020
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2. Friend can hear himself on Discord cause my microphone


Sep 20, 2017 — Go into your discord settings and make it so your voice is harder to … Are you playing the same game with your friend during this time?
20 answers  ·  Top answer: Well I believe this is narrowed down to something in your settings, or your friends are trolling …

3. Voice Input Modes 101 (Push-to-Talk & Voice Activated)


May 26, 2020 — Here we’ll address what’s going on with Discord’s two voice input modes, Push-to-Talk and Voice Activity. To access either of these methods, …

4. Push-Not-To-Talk when mic is always on (i.e, when input is set …


Mar 27, 2019 — so when we set input to “voice activity” (that is when mic is … the game and alt-tab and open discord from taskbar and then mute the mic, …

5. Issue where the Android Discord app unmutes your mic while …


Aug 3, 2021 — Be on a phone call and muted; Launch Discord; Go back to Phone app; Mic is now unmuted. Actual behavior: Opening Discord unmutes my mic while on …

6. Green circle when someone else is talking – Discord Support


Nov 7, 2020 — When someone talks it lights up, when they stop the green circle stops. I unplugged my mic and it still does the same thing.

7. How To Fix Discord Audio Cutting Out During a Voice Call


Open the search bar in your taskbar by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. · Type in Microphone privacy settings and click on the first search result. · Make …

8. Discord Mic Not Working – Tutorial – WePC

Discord Mic Not Working – Tutorial

Nov 22, 2021 — Is your microphone not working in Discord? … unplug your audio/mic jack or USB and plug back in then re-open Discord. … Try Push To Talk.

9. [Solved] Discord Mic Not Working | 2021 Guide – Driver Easy

[Solved] Discord Mic Not Working | 2021 Guide

Jan 21, 2021 — 4) Try to send an audio message on Discord to see if your microphone works. Hope this post could help you fix the issue. If you have other …

10. How to Troubleshoot Discord Push to Talk on Windows 10


Jun 6, 2020 — Navigate down to the “Voice & Video” settings tab and reselect your microphone under “Input Device.” Discord Audio Settings. Discord provides a …

11. Mic Not Working On Discord? Here’s The Fix – GamingScan


Mar 4, 2021 — Simply close Discord, reboot your PC, and then open Discord again. … input mode to “Push to Talk” input mode to resolve microphone issues.

12. Fix: Discord Mic Not Working – Appuals.com

Fix: Discord Mic Not Working

May 28, 2021 — There’s a microphone glitch going around in Discord where the user can hear the other members of the channel but they aren’t picking up on …