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1. What is Discord and how can it help your Twitch community?

What is Discord and how can it help your Twitch community? Tips from LGBT+ streamers Rainbow Arcade

2. What is the purpose of Discord for solo streamers?? – Reddit

What is the purpose of Discord for solo streamers?? from Twitch

Mar 30, 2017 — Another bonus of having a Discord channel is letting followers who join the chat know when you’re streaming, any announcements you have (like …
What’s the point of streamers having Discord server? – Reddit
Aug 16, 2019
About having a Discord server for your channel : r/Twitch
Jul 2, 2018
Should streamers be very active in their Discords? – Reddit
Mar 11, 2019
Streamers and Discord – when to start it up? : r/Twitch – Reddit
Feb 21, 2017
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3. Should Streamers Have Their Own Discord Servers?

Should Streamers Have Their Own Discord Servers?

Jun 15, 2021 — A streamers Discord server helps strengthen the community. Constant engagement between the streamer and members of the community brings everyone …

4. How to Set Up a Discord Server for Twitch – StreamScheme

How to Set Up a Discord Server for Twitch

Oct 27, 2021 — Serious about live streaming? Having your own Discord server will give your followers a place to connect. Learn to create roles and custom …

5. What Is Discord Streamer Mode And How It Protects Your …

What Is Discord Streamer Mode And How It Protects Your Stream

6 steps
Start off by entering Discord, and clicking the User Settings menu (gear icon) at the bottom of the window – usually found under the channels
Once inside, hit the Connections tab from the options on the left-hand side
Next, go the to section labeled Server Settings

6. Streamer tip: How to connect your Twitch to Discord – StreamBee


Discord is something that a lot of streamers need to put more of a focus on. … If you are new to the Streamer realm then you must have a Discord for your …

7. How to Stream on Discord – Alphr


6 steps
Open the Discord app on your computer.
If you have not created your Discord account yet, you can register one now. Just follow the on-screen instructions and you will be done in a minute or two.
When you log in to the app, in the menu to the far left, you will notice an icon with a plus sign on it. Click it.

8. Streamer Mode 101 – Discord Support


Aug 7, 2021 — If you have the Hide Personal Information option selected, enabling Streamer Mode will hide any instance of DiscordTags, emails, or stream …

9. Let users view our Discord Stream without having to join the …


Yup. I have tried to watch 2 streams. Each time it connected me to a voice channel. I instantly disconnected and will not be trying that again.

10. 452: Twitch x Discord – Discord Moderator Academy


Is Discord for Twitch Necessary? At some point during their Twitch careers, most streamers will ask the question, “Is having a Discord for my community …

11. How to utilize Discord to connect Better with your Twitch …


Import the emotes you use in your stream to your Discord server and add a few … Do you have the channels you need to keep things decluttered and smooth?

12. How to use Twitch emotes on Discord – Remote Tools


By doing so, they can have their subscribers on Twitch automatically subscribed to their Discord server. To help streamers and viewers have fun and interesting …

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