Nearly every gaming enthusiast has heard about or uses Discord. If you’re not a gamer and haven’t heard about it, it’s probably because Discord was originally used as a communication tool for gamers to relay strategies and tactics. It is a free and open-source communication forum widely used to make video and audio calls and send text messages through personal chats or Discord servers.

Many people are currently finding creative ways to use the messaging platform to build virtual communities based on their passions and interests. Discord servers work similarly to Facebook groups and WhatsApp, but you can create new servers and join popular servers for multiple purposes like gaming, meditation, and entertainment. One aspect that Discord excels at is educational platforms. Students can connect with other creative minds from various backgrounds and learn with a flexible schedule through the Discord education servers.

What is Education Discord Server?

Discord has many educational servers for specific purposes. The education discord server is the largest study and productivity server on Discord. It allows you to study live time with others via camera, screen share, or chat. Teachers can use the server as an asynchronous hub of learning and communication and a synchronous instructional tool. Discord works particularly well for remote learning scenarios, school/club programs, and flipped classrooms. Depending on your goals, the education discord server is a platform for instruction, knowledge sharing, or hanging out. Since there are many education Discord servers, we have curated a list of the top communities for education.

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Best 7 Education Discord Servers

We highlight all you need to know to determine the best fit for you. Read on to learn about the 7 top education Discord servers that you can join.

1.     Study Together

Study Together is one of the best education Discord Servers. It is the go-to server if you want to develop a proper learning attitude and a positive mindset. It is a vibrant community for learning through disparate study boot camps, sessions, mindfulness, and study groups. With the latest update, you can set your study goals and use statistics inside the server to improve your study sessions. For those who wish to share their achievements, Study Together has a channel that celebrates and recognizes students’ accomplishments so that they can attain even greater success.

2.     StudyGram

This server is where students worldwide meet up for motivation, inspiration, and a limitless supply of study partners. StudyGram community loves to share the knowledge and resources they receive with students. Some notable resources shared include study apps, tech, desk setups, and stationery recommendations. The server also has a team of mental advocates to provide support and motivation or offer a listening ear when needed.

3.     Blair’s Brainiacs

This platform has become one of the largest education-based servers of any kind. It is staffed by a team of 90 volunteers who work round-the-clock to give students from their early teens to their adults the resources they require. Community members provide study advice, notes, information, exam questions/papers, entertainment, and much more. Blair Brainiacs also offers mentors for specific topics who help students feel more comfortable and confident academically.

4.     FreeCodeCamp

This community helps students learn how to code. With millions of people on the server, you can learn how to develop real-world projects and efficiently hone your coding skills. FreeCodeCamp boasts of over 40,000 graduates with jobs in renowned multinationals such as Spotify, Microsoft, and Google. It is easily accessible and connects you with people with a passion for coding.

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5.     Biocord

In the Biocord education server, you’ll find biologists from across the world and students from all backgrounds. The community provides a forum to exchange and discuss edge-cutting research and concepts. It actively discusses everything related to Biology, from novel ideas to solid facts. You can also seek homework assistance from other community members. If you’re a college student or graduate interested in the field, this is your go-to server.

6.     Design Buddies

This community is regarded as the best educational Discord server for designers. With more than 33,000 members, it continually offers mentorship programs, online workshops, portfolio reviews, and virtual meetups. It has well-structured channels where designers can interact and learn from one another.

7.     The Language Zone

Another Discord education server that ranks among the top is The Language Zone. This server specifically focuses on language lessons. You can take lessons in different languages depending on your choice. Common language classes in this server include English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. It’s one of the best, considering it connects people from diverse backgrounds while promoting cultural awareness. It also has free weekly language lessons hosted by volunteer teachers.

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Are School Discord Servers Important?

Because of Discord’s ability to reach a large student base, many school-focused discord servers exist. Many students use Discord to attend virtual classrooms, especially those who prefer learning. Others use the platform for professional development, like conference servers, for confidential conversations or for creating virtual expo halls. Teachers use the app as a core of learning, communication, and instructional tools. It has moderator or admin features that educators can exploit while conferencing, such as video calling, screen sharing, text chat, and removing or muting students from calls.

For example, in the spring of 2020, when the world was shutting down thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers looked for ways to meet their students where they were. Classroom Discord servers served the purpose. Many educational institutions began using Discord often as a place to learn as well as ‘hang out.’ Two years later, physical classes are in full swing, but Discord remains a valid and secure option for virtual classrooms and group gatherings.

So, Discord has proven its strength in providing ways for students to interact with a course in multimodal ways, such as through link sharing. Being able to switch channels easily offers more flexibility for both teachers and students.

Wrapping Up!

Education Discord servers make studying easier and knowledge effortlessly accessible. There’re many Discord communities with a focus on education. Some are general study servers where you can learn with all-new friends, while others, like Biocord, focus on a specific subject or field. Whatever your field of study or interest is, these education Discord servers help you share your knowledge while learning with other community members.

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