Introduce lock icon right next to a text channel (the lock icon that allows voice channels to be visible to everyone but not accessible)

Keeping this in consideration,  How do you make it so no one can talk in a discord VC?

Go to your « Home » page by clicking the Discord logo at the top of your server list on the left.

To do this:

Join the voice channel that the person you want to mute is in.
Right-click or tap on their username to open a menu.
Select the « Mute » option.

Likewise, Why can’t I chat on discord?

Discord voice chat may not work due to the wrong configuration of the voice settings of Discord (input mode, OpenSL SE, etc.). Moreover, an outdated Discord application may also cause the error under discussion. … Make sure the microphone is enabled in the device and Discord’s settings.

then What all the discord symbols mean? They are as follows: Green = Online. Yellow = Idle. Red = Do Not Disturb. Purple = Streaming.

What does Voice Limited mean in discord?

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1y. it means that there are four people in the voice channel currently, and there is a maximum of 25 people allowed in the voice chat at one time. 3.

Can you spy on Discord?

Despite the claims, Discord is not spyware, so you can relax on this. However, can someone use monitoring apps to spy on your Discord account and activity? Yes, they can.

How do you end a call in Discord?

Just below where the channel names are displayed, you should see a box similar to this one: This box provides a few bits of information. To the right, you’ll find the call connection icon (phone with an ‘x’). Click this icon to leave the voice channel.

Can Discord admins see invisible users?

If you’re a server admin or even another user, can you tell if you have invisible users or if a particular user is invisible? The answer to both questions is no. An invisible user is exactly that for everyone. Even the server admin cannot tell if there are invisible users on the server at any given time.

Why is Discord so quiet?

Why is my mic so quiet on Discord. … Now, this could be because of their volume settings and how they have chosen to configure their microphone. People often don’t know how to change their audio settings and plug their microphones in and hope for the best, which doesn’t always work.

Why can’t people hear me Discord mobile?

If you’re not able to hear a specific user in the server or direct call, it’s possible that you may have changed the volume settings for an individual user! … On mobile, when you’re in a voice channel/voice call, you can tap on the user’s icon and then change the Volume Settings directly.

Why are my friends so quiet in Discord?

Sometimes, the problem can be at your friends‘ end and not yours and there are multiple sorts of problems like they might not have placed their mics correctly, or there can be issues with their hardware, drivers, or their applications.

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What symbol is Discord?

The discord icon can be seen as a play on a stylized gaming controller with the grips curled down, forming a smile, which can also be seen as a face. … Discord has never officially stated what it is meant to represent and is left up to the interpretation of the community and the user.

Discord explained that the new icon design was arrived at after several iterations. The new Clyde can also emote, and its face will change every time you launch the app. The background is also now a bolder purple colour. The biggest and most divisive change, however, has been the font.

What is the Discord logo’s name?

Discord on Twitter: « The Discord logo is named Clyde! ^_^…  »

How do I bypass rate limiting Discord?

For that:

Unplug the power to the internet router. Unplugging.
Press and hold the “Power” switch on the router for at least 30 seconds.
Plug the router in the wall socket and turn it on.
Restart the computer, connect to the internet and check to see if the issue persists.

Can you create subcategories in Discord?

Categories and Sub-Channels

Whether you’re starting a brand new server or implementing them into an existing one, you can bring order to your channels as « sub-channels » housed neatly under categories as you refine your server’s layout. Think of a category like an umbrella!

How many participants can join in Discord?

Currently, a total of 25 people in the server can join the channel to video chat together! When you activate a video within the server, the channel will automatically put a cap on the number of people who can join until all camera streams stop!

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Has anyone gotten banned for using better Discord?

BetterDiscord violates Discord’s terms of service by modifying the client, although there is no evidence that discord either cares or takes actions against users who modify their client. … As mentioned in the last question, discord does not hand out bans for simply using BetterDiscord.

What can Discord friends see?

In the three columns, you can see their name, status & game playing, and what mutual servers you share. If you can’t see your mutual servers, expand your window. They’re there, they just like to hide if the window’s too small.

Can Discord see what websites I’m on?

The simple answer to Cowgoesmoo2’s question is this: Discord knows what programs you have open because that’s how it’s programmed to work. However, the program does not do a good job of communicating this feature to users. … By default, it even shares what game you’re playing with your Discord friends list.

Can you join 2 Discord calls at once?

I recently found out that when youre either on your phone/pc and youre using voice call in private call, you can also be in a server call using any of the two.

How do you leave a Discord call without anyone knowing?

Would be a great feature for people who want to leave a call unnoticed. It could work how silently starting a call works, but instead, you hold shift + click the leave call button.

How do you leave a call without being rude?

Here are a few tips and phrases to help you politely and professionally end phone conversations.

Close the door. When it’s time to end the conversation, be sure you are not inviting the other person to continue talking. …
Use breaks in conversation. …
Interrupt politely. …
Offer future calls.

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