What is Mudae gamemode2?

The primary feature of Mode 2 is the ability to limit your rolls to a certain number of characters in each roulette ( $wa , $ha , $wg , and $hg ). Using the command $limroul , you can enable only the most popular characters in each roulette based on their claim ranks.

Keeping this in consideration,  How do you wish protect a Mudae?

Wish protect

The perk only applies to unclaimed characters on your wishlist. Type $lk to see the spawn probability of this special wish, which is unlocked and increased by kakeraloots. It’s a passive perk, and you don’t have to type a command for the activation.

Likewise, How do I install GM Mudae?

Mudae GM is a bot which may be invited by Mudae, when the $help command (or $channelhelp) is called.

then How do I get Mudae keys? The only way to get Keys in Mudae is to roll the same character more than once. You must also own the character on the original server you played on. The characters you get from rolling are random, and you can’t do much to get more Keys except for playing for a long time.

How does Mudae silver work?

Silver. (Silver IV Bonus) RULER OF THE TANABATA FESTIVAL: Each time someone else claims a character from your character wishlist, you earn +200 kakera!

What is Mudapin?

Mudapins are collectible badges that can be collected through Kakera Loots and displayed on a user’s profile.

What does RT do in Mudae?

$rt is the “reset timer” command, so if you have it and have already claimed during the 3-hour claim period, you can use the $rt to claim another character. $rtu (aka “reset timer up”) is just a command to see if your rt is available or not.

How do you beat somnia Mudae?


Safe yourself from receiving more than 1 dmg by rising up your DEF (twice initially)
Study everytime you are safe (from getting more than 1 dmg)
Keep playing safe (this means: your DEF is over her ATK) and study until turn 7.
$restart if you didn’t have luck to build yourself to do around 15 damage.

How can I restrict a bot to a specific text channel?

At the moment, the only way to restrict bots to one channel only is to manually remove the bot’s chat permissions in each channel that you don’t want it in. The more channels you have in a server, the more tedious it becomes.

Does Mudae have Genshin impact?

Bundles. Genshin Impact is a rollable series in Mudae.

What do keys do on the Mudae bot?

Unlock the full capacities of your waifu/husbando! Each time you roll a character owned by yourself, the key level of that character is increased by 1. If you roll your own claimed character 10 times, the character enters your Soulmate List.

What can I do with kakera Mudae bot?

are the currency used in Mudae. They look like little crystals of different colors, with each color usually representing a different value. Kakera can be used to get bonuses on Mudae, such as enhanced wishlists, enhanced rolling experience or the possibility to get pins and badges.

How many Mudae characters are there?

The total amount of custom characters has been raised from 50 to 1000 for all servers.

How do you use Limroul?

Quick start: just use « $limroul 1 1 1 1 » if you want to disable the maximum amount of characters for your rolls, the less popular ones. Use $antidisable (or $wish) if you want to enable specific characters/series.

How can I make Mudae badges cheaper?

In order to save as much kakera as possible, it is recommended to first unlock Bronze II, Silver II and Gold II. This unlocks the command to get the Ruby badges. Max out the Ruby badge to lower the price of all other badges.

How do I get Mudae premium?

To get premium, you type the command $patreon in Discord (with the bot, of course). It’ll send a link in chat and take you to Mudae’s Patreon page of which you can then select a type of premium. After that you’ll be pinged in a channel inside the Mudae World Discord server about activation.

How do I show Mudapins on my profile?

You can view all of your existing badges with the command $badge , and view your mudapins by using the command $mudapin . Using the command $profilebadge ( $pb ), you can write the names of badges you want to display.

How do you restrict bot commands on discord?

At the moment, the only way to restrict bots to one channel only is to manually remove the bot’s chat permissions in each channel that you don’t want it in. The more channels you have in a server, the more tedious it becomes.

How do I restrict rythm bot?

Go to each text channel settings you want to restrict Rythm from responding in.
Head to the Permissions section ➠ Click + ➠ Rythm.
On the Rythm override, deny the Read Messages and Send Messages permissions.
Save and close out of channel settings.
Repeat step 1 to 4 for other text channels.

How do I assign a bot to a channel discord on my phone?

Tap the bot on the list. Select a role for your bot. Under the ROLES heading, tap a server role to check the box and assign it to your bot.

How do you control discord music bot?

Here’s how it works:

Go to the Groovy. bot website and hit the purple “Add to Discord” button.
Select a server, press “Authorize,” and check the “I’m not a robot” box.
Join a voice channel and tell Groovy which song you want the bot to play with the “–play“ command.

When was Mudae bot created?

Mudae has been officially released on April 2018 and she keeps going to conquer more and more servers every day: over than 2,000,000 so far. Updates were so numerous during the past years, and so are my thousands of hours invested in her development.

What Gamemode 2 Minecraft?

Minecraft has 5 gamemodes: Survival, Creative, Adventure, Spectator‌ [JavaEditiononly] and Hardcore‌ [JavaEditiononly]. … dat file, Survival mode is gametype=0 , Creative is gametype=1 , Adventure is gametype=2 , and Spectator is gametype=3 .