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1. Cerberus | Discord Bots | Top.gg


An activity bot for that assigns roles based on rolling average activity. … Cerberus has the ‘graph command, which lets you see your weekly activity.
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2. Cerberus | Discord Bots


Cerberus is a small-time activity bot that handles roles based on weekly activity rather than all-time activity. This means that users gain and lose activity …

3. Cerberus/README.md at master – GitHub


Custom GUI implementation of a Discord chat bot using Discord.Net. … Log Chat – log all chat to a text file. Log Users – log all unique users to have joined.

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4. How To Make Your Own Cerberus Discord Bot Without …


First enter the level requirement of the role reward. Next, click the Plus sign and choose a role from the dropdown list. If no roles appear ensure that your …

5. Server Cerberus : r/discordapp – Reddit

Server Cerberus from discordapp

Jun 11, 2021 — Made something to show me when the boys are on. Using python, a raspberry pi, discord.py, a breadboard and a couple of LEDs. Media preview.

6. Recruiting ECLIPSE Members (Community Finder) – Final …


[EU]Chaos – Cerberus – Eclipse (Main FC) & Eclipse Angels … Use discord to see if we are online, if you add us as friends in game you can …

7. The server crown symbol disappears! – Discord Support


The server owner’s crown symbol disappears when the owner sorts his roles on the … I did everything that was told here but i still can’t get the crown.
‎| Must include: Cerberus

8. Cerberus Discord Bot – Invite, Vote & Status – Alternative.me


5 days ago — ‘leaderboard – Gives you the leaderboard users for the server. ‘points – Shows you how many points you’ve achieved over a period of time. ‘roles …
‎| Must include: Can’t

9. Cerberus – Official SMITE Wiki


“Yank foes by their souls and drown them in Stygian venom.” Cerberus is one of the playable Gods in SMITE. Do not pass the black expanse of the river Styx …

10. Talk:Cerberus Assault Armor | Mass Effect Wiki


As for any similarities between ODSTs and Cerberus shock troops, not really seeing that either. One is an elite military branch generally used for quick …

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11. I hated Cerberus and their role in ME3…I can’t put it any other …


Aug 14, 2012 — The indoctrinated troops at Mars are bizarre, but we later find out they’re mostly kidnapped civilians turned into husks/shock troopers, this is …
What role for Cerberus in ME:TNG? – Fextralife Forum
Oct 21, 2021
The Cerberus coup, the Crucible, and the real Catalyst
Dec 14, 2015
How did Cerberus get so powerful? – Fextralife Forum
Jan 31, 2013
Was the Dalatrass the one who tipped off Cerberus? – Fextralife
Jul 9, 2013
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12. Cerberus Guide: How to Build and Play the … – SMITE Esports


Although he’s classed as a Guardian, Cerberus can actually function in a number of roles — but he’s especially good as a true support or a solo laner. Here are …

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