Why Cant My Friend Hear Me On Discord

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Fix: Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord

2. [Help] Friend can’t hear me even though discord picks up the …

[Help] Friend can’t hear me even though discord picks up the voice input from discordapp

Jul 10, 2016 — When you’re having troubles, go into your voice > advanced settings and click “reset voice settings”. If it doesn’t help, email us at [email protected] …
People can’t hear me, but I can hear them? : r/discordapp
Jul 9, 2018
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Feb 11, 2019
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Oct 8, 2015
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3. Why can’t people hear me on Discord? – Quora


Your microphone is not working. · You don’t have a good internet connection. · Your CPU is REALLY weak (or the CPU fan is causing PC stuttering). · There’s a …
7 answers  ·  Top answer: One problem usually happens is when the user forgets their mic is muted or their input volume …

4. Can’t Hear People In Discord | How To Fix Audio Problem

Can’t Hear People In Discord | How To Fix Audio Problem

5 steps
A method that is regularly overlooked is setting your headphones to your default communications device. It’s done in Windows, so sometimes it can be missed …
Select the “Voice & Video” tab. Inside the Voice & Video tab, scroll down and find the “Audio Subsystem” section. You should see a drop-down menu, inside …
Right-click the sound tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Select the “Open Sound Settings” option. Once inside this tab, you should see a …

5. How to Fix Can’t hear People on Discord [1 Minute Fix 2021]


How to Fix Discord Can’t Hear Anyone · 1. Open Discord. · 2. Click on the User Settings on the right side of your avatar. · 3. Click Audio & Video. · 4. At the …

6. Can’t Hear People in Discord [Fixed] | SoftwareKeep


How to fix can’t hear people in Discord · Method 1. Turn on the Legacy Audio Subsystem · Method 2. Set your default communication device · Method 3. Set your input …

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Can You Hear Me but you Can’t Hear Me? — You might not hear a specific person or a set of people or you might not hear anyone at all. You might …

8. Can’t Hear People On Discord? [Simple Fix] – GamingScan


Feb 25, 2021 — While in the “Voice & Video” settings, scroll down to the ”Advanced” section and find the “Audio Subsystem” drop-down menu. Make sure the …

9. How To Fix Audio When You Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord


Sep 25, 2021 — If the sound is playing normally outside of Discord, try unplugging the headphones and plugging them back in again. Then, restart both your PC …

10. [SOLVED] – Friends cant hear me talk | Tom’s Hardware Forum


Nov 25, 2018 — I tried discord,teamspeak even the ingame voice chat and nobody can hear me even though the green light pops up in discord so the microphone …
Mic not working on anything,(discord) but can hear it when i …
May 10, 2018
Friend can hear himself on Discord cause my microphone
Sep 20, 2017
My microphone won’t pick me up, but my friend can hear …
Aug 18, 2018
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11. How to Fix Can’t Hear Anyone/Anything on Discord in 2021

How to Fix Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord (2022)

Aug 27, 2021 — Refresh your Discord app; Use Legacy Audio Subsystem; Update your audio driver; Set audio device as default; Use the correct output device. Fix …

12. i cant hear anything in calls – Discord Support


Jan 6, 2021 — Me to my friends can hear each other but i can’t hear them i don’t know what to do. I can talk in game so it isn’t my headset.