Why Is Everyone So Mad In This Discord

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1. why do people get mad at @everyone : r/discordapp – Reddit

why do people get mad at @everyone from discordapp

Jan 16, 2021 — People act like they’ve been physically attacked. It’s so easy to disable per server if they do get annoying.
Why do so many people simply HATE getting pinged? – Reddit
Mar 18, 2019
Why are people on discord so sensitive about @everyone tags
May 8, 2018
why is everyone so mad about the new discord logo? – Reddit
May 19, 2021
Why is everyone mad? I’m out of the loop. : r/discordapp – Reddit
May 12, 2021
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2. make discord more user friendly and less anxiety inducing


Jan 23, 2019 — This is how pretty much everyone uses Discord, so you will not make people upset by disabling notifications for messages that don’t mention …

3. is this real? – Discord Support


There have been many members complaining that discord has become very slow. … that a specific service is set to close are also usually just made up.

4. Make it so that those with the admin permission can …


Moderators and admins should not have to click reveal for all messages just to check whether a message is breaking any server rules,…

5. Find out what server is causing notifications – Discord Support


The notification sound can become very annoying when you can’t track down what server is causing the notifications. Some servers I have all messages notify …

6. How Discord (somewhat accidentally) invented the future


“So when I played Overwatch, I started my first community … to play games with anyone on the internet. You’d play a couple of games with someone, and then you’ …

7. Discord Teases Getting Into Crypto and NFTs, People Big Mad


Nov 9, 2021 — Discord isn’t merely hopping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. … their knives to eviscerate the shift, so you can imagine what the reaction …

8. Discord’s new logo isn’t exactly blowing its users away | VGC


May 13, 2021 — We never thought a font would annoy so many people… … Well, now Discord has revealed its new logo, and seemingly everyone who likes to …

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Jun 11, 2019 — It made its debut four years ago as a way for people to communicate … “I can tell you, I’m really cool when I wear my Discord T-shirt when …

10. Discord rules server pastebin – The Dean Collection


A Basic Rules template for your Discord server! I’ve noticed that a lot of Discord servers have really crappy rules, so I’ve made this template that anyone …

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Jan 28, 2021 — Over the past year or so, I’ve lived most of my social life on … there are dedicated Discord desktop apps for Windows and Mac as well as …

12. Discord Was Once The Alt-Right’s Favorite Chat App. Now It’s …


Jun 30, 2020 — Discord by Gabriela Hasbun for Forbes-2UP_Photo_Frame_COMP2_GIF-128 … it basically means we have to ship it”—fast—“or everyone gets angry.