Will Real Mame Be Seen On Discord?

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Using real name as Discord name? from discordapp

Jul 28, 2020 — I’m planning on using Discord just for talking to friends I know, do people generally use their real name or do people generally use fake names …
I want to make a Discord account today but I don’t know if I …
Jan 13, 2018
Why is it a bad idea to use your real name in your username …
Aug 14, 2015
Discord should add the ability to show your real name … – Reddit
Apr 3, 2020
How does Discord do this? If I enter real names into … – Reddit
Jan 5, 2019
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3. Should I use my real name in discord? – BoardGamesTips


Can someone steal your identity with your full name? — Can someone steal your identity with your full name? “The short answer is no,” says Eva Casey …

4. Can Discord friends see your server nicknames? – Quora


Jun 24, 2017 — Either way they would see your name (if they were in DMS) and then to the right they would see small text that says the nicknames you have in the servers that …
3 answers  ·  5 votes: Not unless your friends are in the same server that your nickname is in. Either way they would …
Can Discord servers identify a user after changing …
5 answers
Feb 12, 2020
I want to find someone who I met on Discord. I think …
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Jun 19, 2020
How to find out who a person is that doesn’t use …
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Can others on Discord see what I searched up on the …
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Dec 9, 2020
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5. Add functionality to nickname others – Discord Support


Often times, the members on the discord server will pick very. … If they wanted everyone to see their real names, they would use their real names as their …

6. Add Real Name ID next to Username (For Friends List not …


Jan 29, 2019 — If they approve, then it will show their real name. … I know you can add the note but you have to click on their icon to see the note.

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Sep 27, 2021 — With Server Nicknames, you can customize your name in each server that … anyone can still click on your User Profile and see your true …

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I can set my nickname for the server to be my actual name since it is a … my partner can see my real name and not my more anon-friendly discord username.

9. Warning when changing to a name that will change your …


I haven’t even had discord for a full year but my tag has changed almost every 2 months and I rarely change my username, at first I had a cool tag that I really …

10. 3 Methods To Change Your Name On Discord – Software Test …

3 Methods To Change Your Name On Discord

Oct 30, 2021 — Discord servers can be found for everything from political debate groups to … A more severe name on a server with work-related chats.

11. USERNAMES – Discord Support


You can use the same username as another user on the same server in the same … One of the great parts about Discord is anyone can have any name they want …

12. Add functionality to nickname others – Discord Support


Even if the original name stays like this for e.g “og name (nickname)” … Please add the ability to set nicknames for firends that only I can see right …