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What We Are Looking For?

Technology, Application Related, Discord and their alternatives application and sites, online meeting sites or any browser articles, reviews of any web software which comes in business or tech related niche. We do accept these niches, also we’re independent to accept any niches after confirmation.

so Please ensure the piece is not dated, the write-up is coherent, and the topic is co-relevant to Discordwire.com.

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Guidelines Before Submitting Article at Discordwire.com

To write for any website, a blogger needs to perform keyword research in which he makes sure that the topic ranks on the website.

Similarly, I don’t want an article on any general topic.

Give us content that deserves to rank, that deserves to solve problems of at least 1000 users/month and if you are failed in doing so if your guest post article doesn’t get any ranking, you will not get 100% benefit from the sponsored post.

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Content Quality Guidelines Before Submitting Guest Post | Discordwire

  1. Article length should be more than 800+ words.
  2. Make sure to add focus keyword in the 1st paragraph.
  3. Add Related high quality featured image.
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Currently, we do accept submissions only in English.

Where to send it?

Submissions should be mailed to [email protected]

If you have any queries, please write to Discordwire Editor at [email protected]

We read all emails and try to reply to each and every mail. Still, if you don’t hear from us, please drop in another mail.


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