Discord. What Is The 4 Digit Tag

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2. If discord tags only have 4 digits, how does discord have more …

If discord tags only have 4 digits, how does discord have more than 10000 users? (I hope this doesn’t end up on r/facpalm) from discordapp

Apr 4, 2019 — As the person said. Tags aren’t unique. They’re just numbers letting people to identify and add you. You can change a tag but you can’t …
i cant find my 4 digit : r/discordapp – Reddit
Jan 1, 2017
You can now change your discriminator (4 digit tag at the end …
Jan 25, 2018
What’s the number next to the username ? : r/discordapp
Jan 31, 2016
Where do I find my own discord tag? : r/discordapp – Reddit
Mar 22, 2017
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3. Get rid of the four digit tag numbers at the end of usernames


On discord, you can not choose your own username. Go ahead, make a new account and try to set a custom username. You can’t, it will add 4 random numbers to the …

4. Need to find someone but i dont know there 4 digit number


I want to add my friends in discord but I don’t know their number tags. How? 5.

5. Get rid of the four digit tag numbers at the end of usernames


Jul 26, 2019 — This is so frustrating and the reason I took so long to join discord. The useless random numbers at the end of usernames.When someone irl…

6. Custom Discord Tags with Nitro


Jul 7, 2020 — Limitations with Discord Tags · You can claim any Tag that is available for your username. · Valid tags are 4-digit numbers between #0001 and # …

7. Discord on Twitter: “@Bigespender The tag is both their …

Apr 29, 2017 — The tag is both their username and 4 digit number! You can find it on their profile page. … There’s a search bar near the friends button that …

8. What Does DISCORD-TAG Mean? – Cyber Definitions


DISCORD-TAG means Combination of a Discord Username and a 4-Digit Discriminator. This page explains how DISCORD-TAG is used on messaging apps such as …

9. How To Find Someone On Discord Without Their Tag Number


Discord makes use of multi-digit identity numbers for users, servers, and individual messages. If you want to find Discord ID then ensure that you are in …

10. How to Add Friends on Discord – wikiHow


Your friend’s Discord Tag is their username followed by a “#” number sign and a unique, 4-digit code.

11. My notes on Discord tag re-rolling. – gists · GitHub


Discord has an interesting solution to this problem: giving people random 4 digit tags as well as their usernames! This allows for many users to have the …

12. Can I add someone on Discord using just their ID number? My …


Discriminant is the four digits randomly generated that follows someone’s username … How can I search a username in Discord if I don’t have their tag?
4 answers  ·  4 votes: Hello, I’m unsure if you’ve confused Discriminant with ID. Discriminant is the four …