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1. How Often A Discord Name Can Be Changed Explained


2. How long is the name change cooldown? : r/discordapp – Reddit

How long is the name change cooldown? from discordapp

Oct 16, 2016 — iirc it’s about two hours. Upvote 1. Downvote.
You are changing your username too fast. Try again later.
May 7, 2017
Whenever you get the ‘name change too fast’ thing, how long …
Apr 7, 2020
The name cooldown is bull : r/discordapp – Reddit
Nov 24, 2019
Once discord tells me “you are changing your nickname too …
Feb 20, 2020
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3. Name changing time limit – Discord Support


It would be best to make it at least 15 minutes or something though. And then after 15 minutes it’s 30 minutes if you keep continuously changing it in a single …

4. Name changing time limit – Discord Support


They should change it to 5 minutes, 1 hour is just way too long of a wait time to change a username. 1.

5. Discord on Twitter: “@mcscrubadub We currently do have …

Jun 25, 2018 — We currently do have cooldown limits on actions such as this, but they do not keep a user from changing it in a spread out manner throughout a …

6. Discord Name Change Cooldown – StudyEducation.Org


How long is that cooldown? iirc it’s about two hours. Why is it so long? You can change your username 2 times per hour. Imagine a Place… where you can …

7. Changing The Wait Time After Changing Username | Mineplex


Nov 19, 2019 · 21 posts · 9 authors
On the forums, there is a “rule” where you can change your username … Shorten the cooldown after changing your username isn’t a good idea.

8. How to Fix You Are Changing Your Avatar Too Fast on Discord


Feb 10, 2021 — But for the profile pic, Discord’s been a flexible one for a very long time until the appearance of the damn cooldown feature.

9. My notes on Discord tag re-rolling. – gists · GitHub


Changing your name where your current tag is taken. #3 is pretty important. It’s like a secret cool thing you can do. You can change your tag without Nitro!

10. Cooldown Stops Character Service – Blizzard Support


Can you remove the cooldown so I can race change? · Unable to transfer character, it says “Transferred Too Recently” · Want to bypass the cooldown for a faction …

11. Discord.py | Cooldown for events – Stack Overflow


Jul 24, 2021 — … you can change how long the cooldown should be cooldown.remove(before) channel = bot.get_channel(688344722082627686) emb = discord.
2 answers  ·  Top answer: Before running be sure to import asyncio import asyncio cooldown = [] @bot.event() async …

12. Changing discord username too fast – Loginask


The cooldown for changing usernames more than twice is 24 hours DarkHerald. People may be able to change server ‘nicknames’ but not their actual username as …

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