How many discord accounts can you have

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Is it illegal to have 2 Discord accounts?

Discord has not imposed a specific limit on the number of accounts you can have on the platform. The primary identifier for signing up is your email address, and you can only link one Discord account to it. Nevertheless, you can make multiple accounts as long as you have multiple emails to register with.

How many Discord accounts can you have on one email?

Unfortunately Discord only allows one account per email – which shot down that plan pretty quick.

Can we use 2 Discord accounts at once?

Once you click “Add Account”, it takes you to the regular login screen, but with a cancel option. Then once logged in, clicking “Switch Account” will take you to a list of all your accounts.

Can you have 2 Discord accounts on one phone?

Android devices can also let users control multiple Discord accounts at once.

Does Discord know if you have alt accounts?

As a server owner or admin, you cannot see if that’s the user’s only account, you cannot see an IP and you have no real way of knowing. Discord could find out but they don’t offer that feature to users, only to their own teams when banning.

What happens if you create too many Discord accounts?

The Discord Terms of Service have nothing against having multiple accounts. But, if you misuse any of the accounts and abuse Discord features, your account could get suspended.

Can Discord ban your phone?

They have two means of doing this: Kick: a kick is when you’re removed from the server, but you can join back at any time if you want to. Ban: a ban is a permanent block from the server. A Discord ban means your phone’s IP gets banned.

What is the fastest way to get Discord Alts?

In hello alt one two three alt one two three you can call it whatever you want and then click the arrow.

How long does it take for you to not be new to Discord?

“This user is new to the <name> server!” It’ll be displayed for users that have joined a server within the last 2 weeks, and can only be seen when viewing a users profile through the server in question.

How do I make multiple Discord accounts?

Note: As of the writing in May 2022, Discord’s mobile app doesn’t offer the option to manage multiple accounts. You’ll have to use Discord’s desktop or web app to use the feature.

Can I switch accounts on Discord?

Once you’ve added two or more accounts to the Discord desktop app, when you click your profile picture and click “Switch Accounts,” you’ll see all of the accounts you’ve logged into, and you can click the “Switch” button next to the account you want to switch to.

How long does it take to delete a Discord account?

The account will be in a “pending deletion” state and will be deleted in 2 weeks. Attempting to login into your account at any time during the 2 weeks will result in a dialog box popping up, which asks if the user wants to restore their account.

How do I make a Discord account without a phone number?

How to Verify Your Discord Account Without a Phone Number
  1. Open your browser and type DoNotPay. …
  2. Select on the ‘Burner Phones’ tab and find Discord which you need verification from.
  3. Click on the ‘create a temporary number’
  4. Go to ‘View My Text Message’ after requesting a verification code.

Do you need a phone number to make a Discord account?

While there’s no way for a Discord account to exist without a phone number attached to it, you don’t have to risk your contact information. If you’re worried that your personal data will be abused, you can either delete your account or replace the link with a fake phone number.

Can you delete Discord account?

Open the Discord app on your phone or mobile device. Tap on your profile icon at the bottom right and will open User Settings; tap on My Account. You will have the option to ‘Disable Account’ or ‘Delete Account.

Can I make a new Discord account with the same email?

A plus sign (+) and a keyword need to be added before the “@” sign of your email address. For example, if your email address is [email protected], you can create multiple accounts using keywords such as: [email protected] [email protected]

How do I join Discord without email?

Yes you can join discord without a account, when you click on a server link, but it is only temporary.
  1. Open Discord and log into your account, if needed.
  2. Click the plus icon in the left sidebar.
  3. Select “Join a server.”
  4. Paste in the invite link and hit “Join.”
  5. Open the Discord app on your phone and log in, if necessary.