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Can you create multiple servers on Discord?

Easy, right? If you want to open multiple discord servers side-by-side, or just want to have DMs next to the server always open, you can do it even without private modes. Simply, open as many discord instances side-by-side as you want…

How many servers can someone make on Discord?

A single user can join up to 100 servers, and you can adjust which servers you want to receive notifications from. You can even give yourself a different nickname for each server you join.

Why does Discord have a server limit?

In order to support this goal, we have server member caps to help ensure that Discord users have a great experience, and that server owners and their moderator teams are receiving the support they need to foster healthy communities.

Can a Discord server be profitable?

Just like for websites, you can now join advertising networks that service Discord. Here is one called Discord Advertiser. All you do is register with the company, install their Discord bot, configure your server and set ad rates, and start earning money.

Can there be 2 Discord server owners?

You cannot share ownership of a Discord server. Every Discord Server is owned independently. But you can still grant the “Co-Owner” with the same permissions as you with roles.

How many Discord bots is too many?

Although the right number of bots will vary depending on the server, it is a good idea never to have more than 20 bots in a server at one time. Having more bots than this could begin to confuse users and could make the server appear spammy.

How much does a Discord server cost?

Discord is free, but there is a paid plan known as Discord Nitro, as well as a more affordable version called Discord Nitro Classic. Nitro costs $9.99 per month, or $99.99 per year, whereas Nitro Classic is $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Does Nitro classic give 200 servers?

Join up to 200 servers: Get double the server space so you can join more communities you love. Longer Messages: Say how you really feel with an increased character count limit of 4000 characters.

Can you join more than 100 Discord servers?

On Discord, millions of people connect with other unknown people via a group chat on Servers or communities. Discord has an uncountable number of servers, and users can join them according to their preferences.

Can you join 200 servers with Nitro Classic?

If you’re in a ton of Discord servers, you may already know that Discord has a cap on how many servers you can join at a time. This limit is set to 100 for both free users and Nitro Classic subscribers. But, Discord Nitro users can be a part of 200 servers at any given time.

How many Discord servers can you make for free?

How many Discord servers can I create? According to Discord, you can create 100 servers per account.

Does Discord waste a lot of data?

Discord uses quite a lot of data. It usually needs 350 Mb per hour, but this number can go as high as 900 Mb per hour if you switch to a better quality of the videos you watch. This amount of data usage per hour is typicall for Discord on PC, other versions usually consume less data.

What is 100 server limit in Discord?

Meaning if you’ve found yourself a hundred communities or servers you’d like to join, you’re going to be out of luck. One hundred is the maximum, even for paid Discord Nitro and Nitro Classic Users – there’s no distinction.

Does Discord pay large server owners?

Many server owners are also struggling to make their servers grow and get out there. Because of this, if you have a large server of at least a thousand dollars, you can make $10 per ad.

Is it illegal to sell Discord servers?

Respect Discord

These activities are likely to get you kicked off Discord, and may get you reported to law enforcement. Do not abuse Discord products in any way, such as selling or purchasing an account or server, or participating in fraudulent Nitro incentives or Boosting activities.

How much do Discord mods get paid?

The estimated total pay for a Moderator at Discord is $183,339 per year. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. The estimated base pay is $106,743 per year.

Is it illegal to have multiple Discord accounts?

Is It Against Discord TOS To Have Multiple Accounts? Having more than one account on Discord is well within their terms of use. In fact, there’s no defined limit to the number of Discord accounts a person can have, as long as they have a separate email address for all of them.

Can a Discord Admin kick owner?

Can a discord admin kick an owner? Nope, the owner has the highest priority, only the owner can “kick” themselves, which would either be transferring the server to someone else then leaving, or to delete the server.

What happens if a Discord server owner leaves?

An “ownerless” server will continue to exist for a while but will get deleted eventually by the service. If you want the server to continue existing, make sure that you transfer your ownership to another member on the server.

What is the biggest bot on Discord?

top bots.md
Rank Bot Approximate Server Count
1 MEE6 19,400,000
2 Rythm 16,200,000
3 Groovy 11,500,000
4 Dank Memer 9,130,000


How many mods should a Discord have?

Having 2-3 mods active at any time is good. Medium sized channels (< 5 lines of text per second) should have an active mod for every ~200 viewers. For large channels, it’s a good idea to employ the use of automated moderation and have mods that interact with chat and manage bot filters.

How long is Discord bot rate limit?

Global Rate Limit

All bots can make up to 50 requests per second to our API. This is independent of any individual rate limit on a route. If your bot gets big enough, based on its functionality, it may be impossible to stay below 50 requests per second during normal operations.

How much is a Level 3 Discord server?

Discord Server Boosts

The catch is that to reach the “first” level you must buy 2 server boosts (~$10/month). For the second level you must buy 15 server boosts (~$75/month). For the third level you must buy 30 server boosts (~$150/month).

Who owned Discord?

Discord was started to solve a big problem: how to communicate with friends around the world while playing games online. Since childhood, founders Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy both shared a love of video games, cherishing the friendships and connections that formed while playing them.

How much does a Level 3 Discord server cost?

Level 2 perks will need seven boosts. Level 3 perks will need fourteen boosts. One server boost costs $5, so boosting fourteen times would require $70 for a server to reach those level 3 perks.

Whats the most popular Discord server?

The most popular Discord servers
Rank Server Name Members
1 Fortnite 827,000
2 Genshin Impact 800,000
2 Minecraft 800,000
2 Valorant 800,000


Is free Nitro against ToS?

Nitro servers aren’t bannable, since they aren’t doing anything illegal or against ToS (unless they’re exploiting some kind of bug in Discord). Spamming invites to random people is, however.

Is Nitro 2022 worth it?

The benefits you get from Nitro on server boosts alone are worth paying for. However, if you only use Discord a few times a week just to chat with friends and play games, then it might not be worth it. The basic features in Discord are already pretty great and allow you to pretty much do everything you need to do.

Can you be 12 and Discord?

Discord requires that users be at least 13 years old, although they do not verify users’ age upon sign-up. Common Sense Media also recommends Discord users be at least 13 due to its open chat.

Is nitro or classic better?

The Nitro offers everything the Nitro Classic offers, plus exclusive Nitro game perks to ramp up your experience on participating gaming titles and server boosts which allows you to do more with community rallying around servers, unlocking various level perks, and more.

Why does Discord Nitro cost so much?

It is actually a paid subscription that lets you support the makers of the app for about 4.99$ per month. In return, you can get some perks such as animated avatar, a nitro profile and other features that aren’t available to the regular users. Above all it is a way to contribute to the development of the app.

How much is a year of Discord Nitro?

16% discount on annual pricing for Discord Nitro ($99.99 per year) and Discord Nitro Classic ($49.99 per year).

How many hours is Discord?

Average time spent on Discord

In the US, the average Discord user spends 280.6 minutes a month on the platform. That equates to nearly 5 hours per month, or 9 minutes per day.

How much RAM does Discord use?

How Much RAM Does Discord Use? Discord in the background can use as little as 50MB of RAM, but while being actively used this can spike up to between 300 and 600MB. The amount can go even higher if you’re streaming with Discord or participating in video or audio chat.

How long can you stay in a Discord call alone mobile?

Discord calls have no time restrictions, so you can be on them for as long as you like. However, you can’t sit in a call by yourself indefinitely until other people join; the system will boot you after a short period. You can share your screen or stream a game to call participants at 720p/30fps by default.

How do I bypass Discord 100mb limit?

How Do I Bypass Discord File Size Limit? The main option to bypass the file limit is to compress the video with a video compression tool. Another option is to upload the video to a video sharing service such as Imgur, which has a 20MB Limit, and share the link.

What is a good Discord server size?

Recommended Discord Profile Picture Size
File Type Resolution File Size Limit
Discord Server Icon Size 512 x 512 pixels 8 MB
Discord Emoji Size 32 x 32 pixels (up to 128 x 128 pixels) 256 KB
Discord Server Banner Background Size 960 x 540 pixels 8 MB
Discord Server Invite Splash Image Size 1920 x 1080 pixels 8 MB


How big is the average Discord server?

Around 90% of Discord Servers Have Fewer Than 15 Users

This gives Discord members more of a private experience, letting them share whatever they want with their close friends. Nine in 10 Discord servers have 15 or fewer users, but the largest server has 845,000 members.

Can you make multiple servers?

You can create more than one server instance on your system. Each server instance has its own instance directory, and database and log directories. Multiply the memory and other system requirements for one server by the number of instances planned for the system.

How do I organize many Discord servers?

Into midgets so all you do is you hold click and hold if you’re in mobile you just tap and hold. And you drag one on top of the other.

Can 2 servers have the same name?

No, you should not have 2 services with the same name. It is mentioned in the Service Configuration Guide that service names should be unique. It it may be possible to create 2 services with the same name, but this can lead to problems in the future and is not a supported configuration.

Can 2 servers have the same domain?

Yes, its perfectly normal and an often used scenario. Just configure your, for example, Apache server with the same virtual host(s) on both webservers. Remember that hostname/domain is a separate thing from IP address, so server A will have one IP, server B will have another.

Is having your own server worth it?

There are many benefits to having a home server, including file sharing, authorised access control, and device synchronisation. Home servers have become a popular choice among those looking to protect their data.

How many mods should a Discord have?

Having 2-3 mods active at any time is good. Medium sized channels (< 5 lines of text per second) should have an active mod for every ~200 viewers. For large channels, it’s a good idea to employ the use of automated moderation and have mods that interact with chat and manage bot filters.

How do I make my Discord server look good?

How to Create an Aesthetic Discord Server: The Ultimate Guide
  1. Focus On Channel Names. …
  2. Add Kaomoji to Channel Names. …
  3. Make Sure to Add Some Interests-Related Channels. …
  4. 10 Aesthetic Discord Server Templates: The Ultimate List.
  5. 10 Cool Discord Role Ideas for Your Server: The Ultimate List.
  6. Music Events. …
  7. Make Use of Gradients.

Does the order of Discord roles matter?

Order of roles and users does not matter here. All permissions are additive, which means the Discord Client counts all the permissions together. Member-specific — This is the permissions set per member in the channel and category settings.