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How do I change my online status on Discord?

You can personalize your Discord account in the “User Settings” menu, including setting a new status. To do so, tap “Set Status.” A pop-up menu appears at the bottom of the screen. Just like you can on the desktop app, you can set your status to one of four presets: “Online,” “Idle,” “Do Not Disturb,” or “Invisible.”

What symbol is offline on Discord?

Your profile icon displays a gray dot that indicates your status is set to offline.

Can you be idle and offline on Discord?

A user is marked as offline on Discord if he/she logs off the chat platform. If you are not active or there for a short period of time, it will automatically switch from Idle to Offline status. Idle: This status means that you are currently idle on Discord.

Can people see if you’re offline on Discord?

Unlike Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, Discord doesn’t tell you when a person was last online. Although users have been demanding this feature for a while, Discord has remained rather quiet about it — probably because it compromises the privacy of a few users.

How long does it take to go offline on Discord?

Idle Discord FAQ

This one status takes around 5 to 10 minutes to activate. The idle status on Discord means that a person is online but away from the computer.

How do you go invisible on Discord mobile?

If i tap on that you have various options and one of them is an invisible mode. So if you tap on invisible. That’s going to make you appear invisible or offline on discord.

What is idle in Discord?

The Idle status in Discord means the user has been inactive for a certain amount of time, though the app is still open on their device.

How do you idle in Discord?

  1. Open Discord and log in to your account if prompted.
  2. In the bottom left corner of your screen, click on your profile picture.
  3. A small menu will appear, listing various user statuses. Click on “Idle.”
  4. Now, your user status will appear as idle automatically, even if you’re currently active on Discord.

How do you stay idle on Discord forever?

Normally, you’ll automatically switch to idle if you’re AFK for a certain amount of time, but you can manually select it in the pop-up menu. Unlike the auto-idle status, manually setting idle will allow you to stay that way indefinitely.

How do I stop Discord from going AFK?

So please, do the following:
  1. Create an option for roles to be exempt from the Inactive Timeout.
  2. Make a ‘custom’ Inactive Timeout timer, in which allows to type in a value of how many minutes, hours or days it can last for.
  3. Make individual channels have the option to have an Inactive Timeout, like the voice region settings.

Why does Discord say Im online when I’m not?

Discord automatically sets the Idle status when you haven’t been active on the app for a while. However, you can also set it manually. Note that the auto-idle status disappears when you’re back on the Discord app, but you can also manually set Idle status for an indefinite period.

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