How to clear discord cache

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What happens if I clear Discord cache?

Time for a Purge. Other than iPhone users, everyone should find clearing their Discord cache simple. The steps barely take any time, a few minutes at most. Deleting your cache files not only frees up storage space but also removes unwanted media.

Where is Discord cache?

In your Discord AppData directory, locate the “Cache,” “Code Cache,” and “GPUCache” folders. You can safely right-click each of these, and then click “Delete.” You’ll need to empty the Recycle Bin afterward to ensure the files are fully deleted.

What is Discord cache?

Summary : Discord cache generates with the existence of every image, video, and amusing GIF on this app. It can consume your space quickly. Hence, it is necessary to clear Discord cache regularly.

Does Discord cache images?

Think of a cache like a knick-knack drawer—hidden from sight but full of forgotten and sometimes unwanted items. I found that Discord saves every image you’ve ever seen on your hard drive, even if it has been deleted.

How do I view Discord image cache?

Go to C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\discord\Cache write cmd in the path bar and then ren * *. png and press enter, now all your cached files will become images!

How do I reset Discord cookies?

How to clear cache in Discord
  1. Open the Start menu and search for %appdata%
  2. Open the %appdata% folder and find Discord.
  3. Select the Cache, Code Cache, and GPUCache folders.
  4. Right-click and select Delete.