How to compress files for discord

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How do I reduce the size of a Discord file?

Using a Video Compressor
  1. On a PC or mobile device, go to a video compression website like TinyWow.
  2. Upload a video.
  3. Run it through the compressor.
  4. Wait for the website to finish the process.
  5. Download the compressed file.
  6. Rename it if necessary.
  7. Go to Discord.
  8. Upload the compressed file.

How do I reduce the size of a video for Discord?

How to Compress Video Files on Discord?
  1. Using In-built Video Editor. You can use the inbuilt Video Editor app on your computer to compress the video size. …
  2. Using VLC Media Player. …
  3. Split Video File. …
  4. Trim the Unnecessary Parts. …
  5. Get Discord Nitro. …
  6. Share Video Link. …
  7. Use Third-party Video Compressor Apps.

How do I upload files to 8MB on Discord?

As stated above, you need to buy a Discord Nitro subscription in order to send videos larger than 8MB. But, do not prepare to swipe yet. There are workarounds that will let you do that for free — compressing the video, for instance. It will reduce the file size, which would allow you to send it without spending money.

How do I send a 200 MB file on Discord?

How to Send Large Files on Discord Without Nitro
  1. 1 Uploading to Imgur in a Web Browser.
  2. 2 Uploading to Imgur in the Mobile App.
  3. 3 Compressing with HandBrake on Your Computer.
  4. 4 Sharing a Large File with Google Drive on Mobile.
  5. 5 Sharing a Large File with Google Drive on a Computer.

How do I upload 100 MB on Discord?

To send files over 100MB on Discord, store the file in Google Drive and share the link on Discord. There is no way to directly share a 100MB file on Discord, as a Nitro subscription will let you upload a file up to 100MB.

How many GB is Discord?

Discord is 760 MB (0.76 GB) in size once it is fully installed on a Windows PC. The Discord installer, which you download from Discord’s website, is 79.2 MB (0.1 GB).

How do I bypass 8MB limit Discord?

To bypass the file size limit on Discord, you need to upload the video on Imgur. Then, copy the video’s link, paste it on Discord, and send it. After you’ve sent the video link, Discord will automatically convert the link into a video. Imgur is an online image and video-sharing community.

What is the max file size for Discord?

Sending documents, images, videos, or any other type of file via Discord is usually quite simple. Unfortunately, due to the rapid growth of Discord’s userbase, the maximum file size for uploads has been limited to 8MB. Today, it isn’t uncommon to want to share files larger than 8MB.

How do I compress a file?

To zip (compress) a file or folder
  1. Locate the file or folder that you want to zip.
  2. Press and hold (or right-click) the file or folder, select (or point to) Send to, and then select Compressed (zipped) folder. A new zipped folder with the same name is created in the same location.

How do I send large files on Discord Nitro?

And it’s going to show up as a regular. Video on discord. And it will play automatically. So that is how you can work around uploading larger video files on discord.

Is 8MB video legit?

Is 8MB Video Compressor safe to use? Yes, it promises to delete your video once compression finishes. However, we suggest you not to upload private videos online in order to protect your data.

Why does Discord say compressing files?

Why Discord Compresses Files? Discord has almost 7 million servers and over 150 million users. To host the servers and user files, Discord limits the shareable document size without compression to 8MB. So, to accommodate these files in Discord’s server, it compresses files over 8MB to save space.

How do you send a PDF larger than 8mb on Discord?

So go to new post in the top left hand corner. And then you can go ahead and drop in your video. So i’m going to drop in my video here now once you’ve done that we can keep the audio. And by the way

Why does Discord have a file size limit?

Discord has implemented a limit on file sizes because it wants to promote Discord Nitro. Discord Nitro comes with many perks and features such as a custom tag, custom emojis, a larger upload file size, and more. It comes with a subscription price of $4.99 a month which drives away some users.

How do you send a large video on Discord?

And you need to go to a website called now on here you can actually upload your video. And then embed it into discord. So it looks like your video is just in discord normally now to do that

How do I compress a Discord file on my Iphone?

But, don’t worry, the Discord app has a native compression service that will help you o it. Just select the compress files option, and it’ll be compressed and uploaded automatically.