How to create roles in discord

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Can you make custom roles in discord?

Servers at this level can set a custom icon for each and every role within their server! Custom role icons are a fun way to customize and differentiate each role in your server.

Can admin create roles in discord?

Give Someone Admin Controls on Discord for Mobile

Tap “Settings.” In “Server Settings,” tap “Roles” to view and add user roles. On the “Roles” page, add a new role by tapping the “+” (plus) button in the bottom-right corner.

How do I create a role category in discord 2022?

And then navigate to the roles tab. Here make sure to create a new role set a custom name for the wall. And make sure to go over the role permissions.

How do you make a role higher than others in discord?

To set role priorities:
  1. From the app Home page, click Settings.
  2. Click Roles.
  3. Drag the roles into the order that you’d like them to appear in. Roles nearer the top of the list have precedence over roles further down in the list. …
  4. Test role settings to make sure each role behaves correctly after you’ve made your changes.