Hey there! If you’re an avid Discord user like me, you probably love expressing yourself with emojis. But did you know that you can take your emoji game to the next level by using different colors? That’s right, in this article, I’ll show you how to make your emojis stand out with vibrant hues on Discord. From bold reds to calming blues, you’ll be able to add a splash of color to your messages and make them truly unique. So, let’s dive in and discover the secrets of creating colorful emojis on Discord!

Understanding Emoji Color Customization on Discord

When it comes to expressing ourselves on Discord, emojis play a big role. They help us convey emotions, add a touch of humor, or simply spice up our messages. While the default yellow emojis are fun, sometimes we want to customize them and make them stand out even more. That’s where emoji color customization on Discord comes into play.

Discord allows users to change the color of their emojis, adding a vibrant and unique touch to their messages. Here are a few things to know about emoji color customization on Discord:

  1. Server Boosting: Discord offers a feature called “Server Boosting” which allows users to support their favorite servers and unlock different perks. One of these perks is the ability to use custom emojis and customize their colors. By boosting a server, you’ll gain access to a whole range of color options for your emojis, making them truly personalized.
  2. Nitro Subscription: Another way to unlock color customization for your emojis is through a Nitro subscription. Discord Nitro offers enhanced features and perks, including the ability to use animated emojis and customize their colors. With Nitro, you can elevate your emoji game and make them truly unique and eye-catching.
  3. Emoji Management: Once you have access to color customization, managing your custom emojis is a breeze. Discord provides a user-friendly interface where you can easily upload, edit, and organize your emojis. You can choose from a wide range of colors to match your message or even use transparency for a sleek look.
  4. Sharing the Fun: Customizing emoji colors not only allows you to express yourself, but it also adds a fun element to your community. When others see your vibrant and personalized emojis, they’ll be inspired to do the same, creating a colorful and lively environment for conversations and interactions.

Customizing emoji colors on Discord is a great way to make your messages unique and visually appealing. Whether you unlock this feature through server boosting or a Nitro subscription, the possibilities are endless. So go ahead, express yourself, and let your emojis shine with vibrant colors on Discord.

Step 1: Accessing the Emoji Customization Settings

When it comes to customizing emoji colors on Discord, the first step is to access the emoji customization settings. Fortunately, Discord makes it simple and straightforward to do so. Here’s how I access these settings:

  1. Open Discord: The first thing I do is open the Discord desktop application or launch the Discord website.
  2. Login to my account: I make sure I am logged in to my Discord account, using my username and password.
  3. Navigate to the Server Settings: Once logged in, I click on the server name in the top-left corner of the app or website to access the drop-down menu. From there, I select the “Server Settings” option.
  4. Choose the Emoji tab: In the Server Settings menu, I’ll see several tabs at the top. I click on the “Emoji” tab to proceed.
  5. Select the emoji to customize: In the Emoji tab, I can see a list of all the emojis available on the server. I choose the emoji that I want to customize by clicking on it.

Now that I’ve successfully accessed the emoji customization settings, I can move on to the next step and start customizing the colors of my emojis. Remember, these settings may vary slightly depending on the device or platform you are using, but the general process remains the same.

Without a concluding paragraph, we can move seamlessly into the next step of the customization process.

Step 2: Choosing a Color for your Emoji

Now that you have accessed the emoji customization settings, it’s time to add some personality to your emojis by choosing the perfect color. Luckily, Discord provides a wide range of color options for you to choose from, allowing you to customize your emojis to match your unique style and preferences.

To begin customizing the color of your emoji, follow these simple steps:

  1. In the emoji customization settings, locate the emoji you want to customize the color for. This could be either a default emoji or one that you have uploaded to the server.
  2. Once you have selected the emoji, you will see a color palette icon appear. Click on this icon to open the color picker.
  3. The color picker will display a spectrum of colors for you to choose from. You can either select a color from the available options or create a custom color by adjusting the sliders for hue, saturation, and brightness.
  4. As you move the sliders, the color preview will update in real time, allowing you to see how the color will look on your chosen emoji.
  5. Once you have found the perfect color, click on it to apply it to your emoji. You can repeat this process for each emoji you want to customize.

It’s important to note that the color customization feature is not limited to just a single color. You can experiment with different combinations and create eye-catching gradients by selecting multiple colors for your emoji.

By taking the time to choose the right color for your emojis, you can elevate the visual appeal of your Discord server and make your messages even more engaging for your community.

So, go ahead and let your creativity shine by selecting colors that truly represent your personal style and make your emojis stand out in the crowd.

Remember to follow the next steps in this guide to complete the process of customizing your emojis on Discord.

Step 3: Applying the Color to your Emoji

Now that I’ve chosen the perfect color for my emojis, it’s time to apply it and bring them to life. Discord makes this process incredibly simple and hassle-free.

First, I need to navigate back to the emoji customization settings. I can do this by clicking on the server name in the top left corner of the Discord app and selecting “Server Settings” from the drop-down menu. From there, I’ll choose the “Emoji” tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

Once I’m in the emoji settings, I’ll see a list of all the emojis available on the server. I’ll scroll down to find the emoji I want to customize and click on it. This will open a new window where I can edit the emoji details.

In this window, I’ll see a “Preview” section, which shows me how the emoji currently looks. To change the color, I need to click on the color swatch or the color picker tool, depending on the options available.

After clicking on the color picker, a color wheel will pop up, allowing me to select the exact hue I desire. If I already have a specific color code in mind, I can also enter it in the text box provided.

Once I’ve chosen my desired color, I simply click “Save” to apply it to the emoji. I can then close the window and admire my newly customized emoji in all its colorful glory.

Remember, the changes I make to the emoji colors will be visible to everyone on the server. So, it’s important to choose colors that are eye-catching, representative of my style, and in line with the overall theme of the server.

With Discord’s easy-to-use customization options, there’s no limit to the creative possibilities for my emojis. I can experiment with different colors, gradients, and combinations to make my emojis truly unique and stand out from the crowd.

Step 4: Testing and Using your Colorful Emoji

Once you’ve customized the colors of your emojis on Discord, it’s time to test them out and start using them in your server chats. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go back to the emoji customization settings: To access your customized emojis, navigate back to the emoji customization settings on Discord.
  2. Select the emoji you want to use: Look for the emoji you’ve customized and want to use. You can easily find it in the list of emojis available on your server.
  3. Apply your chosen color: Once you’ve selected the emoji, apply the chosen color to it. If you want to change the color once again, you can always go back to the customization settings and make further adjustments.
  4. Test it in a chat: Now it’s time to test your colorful emoji! Start by typing a message in a Discord chat and include the customized emoji. You’ll see it appear in all its colorful glory for everyone to see.
  5. Enjoy your unique and eye-catching emoji: Congratulations, you’ve successfully tested and started using your customized emojis on Discord! Now, enjoy the attention and appreciation your unique and eye-catching emojis will receive from your server members.

Remember, the customized colors will be visible to everyone on the server, so make sure to choose colors that are visually appealing and align with the theme or style of your server.

Discord’s customization options provide endless creative possibilities for making your emojis stand out. Feel free to experiment with different colors and combinations to find the perfect fit for your server. With colorful emojis, you can add a personal touch to your messages and make them even more expressive.

So, go ahead and have fun customizing and using your colorful emojis on Discord! Get ready to impress and engage your server members with your unique and vibrant emoji creations.

Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Color Combinations

When it comes to customizing emoji colors on Discord, one of the key elements that can make your emojis stand out is the use of eye-catching color combinations. Here are a few tips to help you create stunning and visually appealing color combinations for your emojis:

  1. Contrasting Colors: Opt for colors that are opposite or contrasting to each other on the color wheel. This creates a vibrant and visually striking effect. For example, if you have a yellow emoji, try pairing it with a contrasting color like purple or blue. The contrast will make the emoji pop and grab attention.
  2. Complementary Colors: Choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. These colors naturally complement each other and create a harmonious and pleasing look. For instance, if you have a red emoji, consider combining it with shades of orange or pink.
  3. Analogous Colors: Select colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. This creates a unified and cohesive color scheme. For example, if you have a green emoji, try using shades of blue or yellow to create a soothing and balanced look.
  4. Monochromatic Colors: Stick to different shades and tints of a single color. This creates a sophisticated and elegant appearance. For instance, if you have a blue emoji, experiment with lighter and darker shades of blue to add depth and variability.
  5. Consider the Server Theme: Take into account the overall theme and aesthetic of your Discord server. Choose colors that complement the server’s branding or atmosphere. For example, if your server has a futuristic theme, using metallic or neon colors for your emojis can enhance the overall visual experience.


Creating unique and vibrant emoji colors on Discord is an exciting way to express yourself and enhance your server’s visual appeal. By following the tips provided in this article, you can easily create eye-catching color combinations that will make your emojis stand out.

Contrasting colors can create a bold and striking effect, while complementary colors can add harmony and balance to your emojis. Analogous colors offer a cohesive and harmonious look, while monochromatic colors provide a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic.

When customizing emoji colors, it’s important to consider the overall theme of your server. Choosing colors that complement the theme will create a cohesive and visually pleasing experience for your server members.

With these tips and considerations in mind, you can confidently experiment with different color combinations and create emojis that reflect your style and personality. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and make your Discord server come alive with vibrant and captivating emoji colors.

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