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Why can’t I listen along to Spotify on Discord?

If clicking play/listen along doesn’t work, try selecting a device in your Spotify client or play a song on your Spotify client so Discord knows what Spotify device you’re listening on! If you are playing a game that Discord detects, the game will take precedence and Spotify won’t show as your status!

Can you listen along on Spotify on mobile Discord?

You can connect your Spotify account to Discord, in order to show your friends and servermates what music you’re streaming. If you connect your Spotify account to Discord, your friends on Discord can also listen along to the songs you’re currently listening to.

How do I listen to a Spotify group?

Start a remote group session and invite friends
  1. Open Spotify and play something.
  2. Tap. at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap Start a remote group session.
  4. Tap Invite friends. …
  5. Select how you want to share, or choose Copy link and send it to your friends.

Why can’t I listen along in Spotify?

It is due to the personal use policy and End-user Agreement of Spotify. Whether you are voice chatting, sharing a screen, or going live, all these falls under voice activity. So the ‘listen along’ feature will stop.

Why can’t I listen to music while on Discord?

The reason behind this issue is usually improper audio settings or your audio device not being selected as the default device. In some cases, the issue might be caused by a Discord update or a bug in the Discord app.

Can you listen to music together on Discord?

Discord servers aren’t just for communicating and chatting with friends online, they are also a place you can listen and stream music together. Partnered with Spotify, Discord lets users stream an album, song, or playlist with each other in real time.

How can I listen songs together?

5 Best Ways to Listen to Music Together
  1. JQBX (JU-KE-BOX) App.
  2. Vertigo.
  3. Discord.
  4. Quorus.
  5. Twitch.
  6. Watch2Gether.
  7. Netflix Party.

Can 2 people listen to Spotify at the same time?

The short answer is: Yes, two people can listen to Spotify simultaneously. Spotify Group Session is a beta feature for collaborative listening. Groups of two to five people can start listening to a song or a playlist on one device or their own devices in real-time.

Can you do a group session on Spotify PC?

To start a Group Session, open Spotify and tap on the Now Playing tab at the bottom of the screen. Then, click on the computer and player icon and find the code under Start a group session tab. Show it to your friends so they can scan it with their devices (choose Scan to join) and point the camera at the code.

How do I listen to Spotify with discord without premium?

To do that, you only need to follow these steps: On your friend’s list, click or tap on someone who’s listening to Spotify. Select the Listen Along icon, the one that looks like a person with a play button. Then, you’re good to go!

Can you play music on Discord mobile?

How to Play Music in Discord on Android. If you’re using an Android device, you can select a Discord bot from the discordbots.org website. Once you’re there, here’s what you need to do next: Hit the “Music” tab to see the list of available music bots.

How do you start a listening party on Spotify mobile?

Spotify on Android and iPhone

Step 1: Open Spotify on your mobile. Step 2: Tap the home icon on the screen. Step 3: Locate the setting icon and tap to access a list of options. Step 4: In the list, tap on ‘Social.

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